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Baking 1 (CSCA)

CSCA - Pate a Choux

PÂTÉ À CHOUX (CHOUX PASTE) SHAPES CREAM PUFFS, ÉCLAIRS (elongated or oval shapes of Pâte à Choux dough filled with pastry cream and covered with chocolate or vanilla glaze), RINGS
GÂTEAU SAINT-HONORE Classic French pastry for the patron saint of pastry chefs. Dessert consists of a base of piecrust, a ring of choux paste, filled with pastry cream in the center, small pastry-cream-filled cream puffs attached on top of ring, and finished with caramel.
CROQUEMBOUCHE “Crack in your mouth.” Classic French pastry dessert. Tree shaped: small cream puffs glued together with caramel and finished off with more caramel.
RÉLIGIEUSE Little cream puffs formed in the shape of nuns. They have a collar of pastry cream and are topped with fondant
PARIS-BREST Classic French dessert. A ring of choux paste filled with whipped cream, named in honor of Paris-Brest bicycle race
PROFITEROLES Cream puffs filled with ice cream and covered with hot fudge sauce.
GNOCCHI Traditional Italian dumpling, usually made with potato, however, it can be made with choux paste.
GOUGERE Traditional French savory made of Pâte à Choux with the addition of cheese, often served with Burgundy red wine.
BEIGNET Traditional New Orleans fried doughnut, which can be made with choux paste.
CRÈME PÂTISSIÈRE Pastry Cream or vanilla custard
CHANTILLY Sweetened cream usually with vanilla then often whipped to the soft plop stage.
DORURE Egg wash used to brush the top of pastry to give a shine and color.
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