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SAT Vocabulary Day 1

Vocabulary Stack

Collateral accompanying
Allusion an indirect reference
Diatribe bitter verbal attack
Anecdote short account of something interesting; story
Anomalous odd; not fitting the pattern
Pall (n) covering that darkens or obscures
Pall (v) to loose ones strength or interest
Lissome graceful
Apparition ghost; something that 'appears'
Candid truthful
Cliche over-used expression
Conception 1. idea; view. 2. beginning of pregnancy
Credence belief
Currency 1. widespread acceptance, 2. money
Decorous good and correct (used of behavior)
Derailed thrown off course
Derivative unoriginal
Titular existing in title only
Detritus rubbish
Diaphanous very thin and transparent
Dictum often-used saying
Dilettante person who dabbles in the arts
Disdain show contempt for
Dispassionate unbiased; fair
Dowager an elderly woman of elevate social status
Specious having the ring of truth but actually being untrue
Egalitarian equal; believer in equality
Elicit draw out (used mainly for information or feelings)
Elliptical 1. shaped like an ellipse, 2. indirect
Evasive trying to avoid something
Cupidity greed, strong desire
Sobriquet nickname
Hypothetical based on guesswork; not proven
Iconoclast person who goes against accepted authority
Idiosyncratic quirky; unique to an individual
Inherent inbuilt; genetic
Created by: kkaijima5
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