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7-15 thoracic wall

How many ribs are there? 12 pairs
What ribs are classified as true? 1-7
What ribs are classified as false? 8-12, 11-12 are floating
What two bones articulate at the 2nd rib? Manubrium and sternum
What ribs connect vertebrae to sternum? True ribs
What ribs articulate to each other or not at all? False ribs
What are floating ribs for? Muscle attachments and kidney protection
What bone gets broken during CPR? Xiphoid process
What part of the rib attaches to the costal facets on vertebral bodies? Superior facet
What part of the rib articulates with transverse processes? Tubercle
What is the weakest area of the rib? Costal angle
What runs in the costal groove? Nerves, arteries, veins
What four ribs are atypical? 1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th
What transverse process does rib 4 articulate with? T4
What two vertebral bodies does rib 4 articulate with? 3 and 4
What forms the inferior border of the thoracic cavity? Diaphragm
What does the serratus posterior inferior do? Proprioception
What is the name for the aponeurosis? External intercostal membrane
What muscles are found in the lateral aspect of the rib cage? Innermost intercostals
What muscle do you use during relaxed breathing? Diaphragm
Where does the posterior intercostal artery come from? Throacic aorta
Where does the anterior intercostal artery come from? Internal throacic artery
Where are the intercostal nerves found? Innermost intercostal muscles
Where is the parietal pleura found? Surrounding the organ, lines the cavity
Where is the visceral pleura found? Lines inside of organs
What makes lungs blue? Carbon deposits
What are the corner and space called where the lateral and inferior borders of the lung meet? Costodiaphragmatic space and corner
What are four common things that can break lung surface tension and cause a lung to collapse and what is the technical term? Air- pneumothorax Lymphatics- chylothorax Water- hydrothorax Blood- hemothorax
What is thoracocentesis? Removal of excess fluid in the lungs
External intercostal OINA O- inferior border of ribs I- superior border of ribs below N- intercostal nerve A- elevate ribs during forced inspriation
Internal intercostal OINA O- inferior border of ribs I- superior border of ribs below N- intercostal nerve A- forced/active respiration
Innermost intercostal OINA O- inferior border of ribs I- superior border of ribs below N- intercostal nerve A- forced/active respiration
Transversus throacis OINA O- posterior surface of lower sternum I- internal surface of costal cartilages 2-6 N- intercostal nerve A- weakly depresses ribs
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