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RMA Review - Chpt 24

Laboratory Procedures

Appropriate site for capillary blood collection Earlobe and Heel (BOTH)
Which cells play a vital role in internal respiration Erythrocytes
What is the longest time a tourniquet should remain on a patient's arm 1 minute
Dysuria is Painful or difficult urination
Device that might be used to collect blood from fragile veins Butterfly needle
A blue stopper indicates that a collection tube contains sodium citrate
To test for substances that are sporadically released into urine, a physician might order which type of urine specimen 24-hour
To follow Universal Precautions in phlebotomy, you should Wash your hands, wear examination gloves (BOTH)
A medical assistant or phlebotomist should not attempt to obtain blood from any patient more than two times
If a urinalysis cannot be performed within 30 minutes after collection, the urine specimen must be stored in a refrigerator
Not a method for measuring Specific gravity Microscope (May be measured: dipstick, urinometer, refractometer, reagent strip)
The quality control log shows when the testing equipment was last calibrated
Which stain is specific to blood Wright's
The color code for an evacuation tube that does not contain an additive is Red
A creatine kinase test is done to help diagnose which conditions Muscular dystrophies and heart disease
Describes a centrifuge machine to separate particles
An erythrocyte sedimentation rate test might be used to determine sickle cell anemia or inflammation and infection
How should the patient's arm be positioned when drawing blood in phlebotomy slightly downward
Used in direct examination of a specimen Wet mount
The venipuncture site most commonly used on adults is the median cubital vein
After preparing a KOH mount let the specimen sit at room temperature
Before inoculating a culture plate, you should label it on the bottom, agar site
The first step in preparing a culture plate is to label it
Albumin found in urine might indicate Renal disease, Heart failure, Hypertension, Fever (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Urine that is too acidic could indicate Gout
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