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RMA Review - Chpt 22

Physical Therapy

The branch of medicine that uses physical devices or agents therapeutically for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of diseases is Physiatry
the degree to which a joint is able to move is known as Range of Motion (ROM)
Lateral deviation in the normal vertical curve of the spine is called Scoliosis
Paralysis of the lower portion of the body Paraplegia
Most appropriate initial treatment to control bleeding by constricting blood vessels Application of ice packs
In thermotherapy, what temperature can cause burning 116 degrees F
How long does diathermy usually last 15 - 30 minutes
Cryotherapy is not used for To reduce clotting
Muscular weakness of one half of the body is called Hemiparesis
Patients instructed on how to use crutches should be told to Move crutches no more than 6 inches at a time
Physical therapists are allied health professionals who have completed at least a 4-year baccalaureate training program
Movement allowed by joints to decrease the angle between two adjoining bones is called Flexion
Correction of a fracture, dislocation, or hernia is called Reduction
Electromyography is the process of electrically recording muscle action potentials
Diathermy is not useful in treating patients with Metal Implants IS USEFUL FOR TREATING: tendonitis, muscular disorders, arthritis, bursitis
How far from the area being treated should a heat lamp be placed 2 - 4 feet
Heat therapy that uses radio waves to provide heat deep in the body Shortwave diathermy
A way of assessing the patient's walking behavior is called gait assessment
When using a chemical hot pack in heat therapy, you should knead the pad and then cover it with a cloth before placing it on the patient
How high should the top of a cane be level with the top of the femur
Exaggerated anterior curvature of the lumbar spine is called Lordosis
A slow gait used by persons who can bear weight on both legs is referred to as a Four-point gait
A modified three-point gait often used by persons with physical disabilities is called a Swing-to gait
Method of measurement used to assess the range of motion of a joint Goniometry
A patient comes to the medical office for an annual physical examination. While walking into the office, the patient trips and falls on his right knee. What is the most likely effect of immediately applying ice to patient's knee Prevention of swelling
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