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330 Mod 2

Mod 2 Section 1.11

_______ in the Navy recruiting environment consists of identification and analyzing processes to help us recruit the local population with available resources. Marketing
_______ is a term used to cover statistics related to a human population including size, density, distribution, economy, employment and other statistics. Demographics
How are demographic data in Navy recruiting organized? Zip Codes
What is the recruitment age for Active Component (AC) Ages 17-34
What is the recruitment age for Reserve Component (RC) Ages 18-34
What recruitment options are their for high school seniors following the reserve Component programs? New Accession Training (NAT) and Full Time Support (FTS)
What are the three categories of the military available market for Active component (AC)? 1. Primary Market 2. Work Force Market 3. Secondary Market
Define Primary Market? Males 17-21 years of age. The applicant is in high school or has dropped out of high school and is attending an accredited post secondary school.
Define Work Force Market? Males 17-34 years of age. The applicant is not attending school.
Define Secondary Market? Males 22-34 years of Age with non-traditional education.
17 year old may enlist with what? Parental Consent
What is the primary category for the Military Available Market for (RC)? Primary Market: NAVETS age 21-39
What are the 2 secondary categories for the Military Available Market for (RC)? Secondary Market: OSVETS age 21-39 Secondary Market: Non-prior Service age 18-39
New Contract Objective (NCO). The Navy requires the majority of accessions be __________ (UMG). Upper Mental Group
A 50 percentile or above AFQT is required to be in this group. UMG - Upper Mental Group
What is an HSDG? High School Diploma Graduate
Lower Mental Group enlistments must be what? High School Graduates
What are the Test Score Categories (TSC) included in UMG? 1. TSC I-A 93-99 2. TSC II-A 65-92 3. TSC III-A 50-64
What are the Test Score Categories (TSC) included in the lower mental group? TSC III-B 31-49
________ Research shows that applicants in Category A (HSDG and TSC I-IIIA) show greater performance potential and reduce the risk of attrition. Quality vs. Quantity
Name the 5 New Contract Objectives (NCO's). 1. Mental Groups (UMG 50% or higher AFQT) 2. Quality vs. Quantity 3. Nuclear and Priority Rating Recruiting 4. Gender Market (Female) 5. Diversity Markets
STEAM Standardized Territory Evaluation and Analysis for Management (STEAM)
What is the Key purpose to STEAM? It's to assist the NRD in assigning recruiting assets to the right recruiting markets.
What is the primary source of data used it identify the recruiting market potential. STEAM
_______ is the tool used to ensure that each recruiter and Mayv Recruiting Station has a fair share of the market and goals are fairly assigned, based on the market available. A fair share of the Market is defined. STEAM
Define Diversity Markets? A Navy priority is to recruit a diverse workforce. Considerable emphasis is placed on locating the diverse quality markets.
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