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Assignment 1

Bomb fuzes and associated components

The amount of time or vane relvolutions needed to for the firing train to be aligned after a bomb is released is known by which of the follwoing terms? Arming Time
The action that causes a fuze to detonate before impact when any substanyial object is detected at a predetermined distance from the fuze is known by what term? Proximinty
The time required for a fuze to detonate after impact or a preset time is known by what term? Functioning Time
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is longer then 0.0005 seconds? Delay Time
In its simplest form, which of the following devices is like the hammer and primer used to fire a rifle or a pistol? A mechanical fuze
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is 0.0003 seconds or less? Instantaneous
The functioning delay of an electrical fuze is initiated by what means? Electrically Only
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is 0.0003 to 0.0005 seconds? Nondelay
A fuze that does NOT have the elements of its firing train in the proper position for firing until the fuze is fully armed is known as what type of fuze? A detonater-safe fuze
The distance along the trajectory that a bomb travels from releasing aircraft in an unarmed condition is known by which of the following abbreviations? SAT Safe air travel
In reference to thier primary operating principles, fuzes are normally divided into what two general classes? Mechanical and electrial
To help make carrie operations safe, a bomb that is accidentally released during an aircraft's landing or takeoff will NOT mormally have sufficient air travel, velocity, or time to fully arm the fuze because of what fuze fueature? Delay arming
The two observation windows of an M904 series fuze are used for what purpose? To determine the safe armed condition
You can determine if a fuze is safe or armed by what means? By external evidence of arming
The release speeds for arming an M904 fuze fall into which of the following ranges? 170 to 525 knots
Normally, electrical fuzes are charged after which of the following situations occur? The bomb has been released from the rack or shackle
For information on the fuzes currently used by the navy, you should refer to which of the following NAVAIR publications? 11-1F-2 and 11-5A-17
At impact, what component drives the striker body and firing pin down into the M9 delay element of an M904 fuze? The foward part of the fuze body
The M904 series fuze is designed to be used in which of the following configurations? The nose of MK80 series LDGP bombs only
An M904 series mechanical fuze can be configured for (a) what arming delay times in (b) what time increments? 2 to 18 secs in 2 sec increments
Other then non-delay, what functioning delay times (in seconds) are provided by the M9 delay element? 0.01 0.025 0.05 0.1 and 0.25
What mechanical fuze should be used with the thermally protected MK 80 series general prepose bomb? M904E4
To set the 2-and4- second arming delay times in the M904 mechanical time fuze, you should take which of the following actions? Remove the stop screw. Depress the index locking pin. Rotate the knurled arming delay knob until the white index line is aligned with the desired arming delay.
You should NEVER try to reinstall the stop screw on an M904 mechanical time fuze in which of the following arming delay settings? 2 and 4 secs
When the M904E4 mechanical time fuze is partially armed, what indication should you see in the upper observation window? A green background no numbers
What point is the firing train in an M904 mechanical time fuze fully aligned? When the preselected functioning delay period elapes
Which of the following conditions pertain to the M904 mechanical time fuze? Arming Safe Partically armed, Armed
MK339 Mod 1 mechanical time fuze is used in which of the following types of ordnance? Dispenser weapons
On a MK339 Mod1 mechanical time fuze, what is the (a) factory preset primary functioning delay time and (b) optional functioning delay time? (a) 1.2 (b) 4.0
You are checking the EEA of newer models of the MK339 Mod1 mechanical time fuze. The fuze is considered armed if you see which of the following indications in the safe/arm indicator? Green foil oierced by an indicator pin
The Navy is currently using which of the following adapter boosters? M148/T45E, M148E1 and M150/T46
What adapter booster is used with a thermally protected bomb? M148E1
The MK376 electric fuzes provides an all-electric capability for which of the following weaponds? MK80 series bombs
Arming delay times for the MK376 fuze is automatically selected by what means? A MK31 safety device
A FMU-143/B tail fuze is used with what weapon? GBU-24B/B
If deceleration is not sensed by a MK31 safety device within 2.6 seconds after a free-fall weapons release, the fuze will arm in what maximun number of seconds? 10 sec
What device provides airburst capability for for a bomb in both the unretarded and retarded delivery modes? MK43 MOD 0
What is the alternate method for initiating a MK 43 TDD? Mechanical
What device prevents Electromagnetic Radiation from entering the fuze circuits of a MK80 series bomb? A MK122 arming safety switch
In a low-drag general-purpose bomb what percentage of the total weight is composed of explosives? 45%
What series of low-drag general purpose bombs are currently in use in the Navy today? MK80
An FMU-140/B proximity fuze will function at what minimum altitude? 300 plus or minus 25 feet
A bomb body is shipped with a plastic plug installed in the nose and tail fuze wells to prevent what occurrence? Damage to internal threads and moisture from entering the fuze wells
What factor determines the number of bombs that are loaded on each metal pallet? The size of the bomb
What total number of MK83 gerenal purpose bombs can be placed on a metal pallet? Three
When electriac fuzing is used, a path for the charging current from the fuze-charging receptacle to the forward and aft fuze wells is provided by which of the following mechanisms? The forward and aft charging tubes
A thermally protected general purpose bomb is identified by which of the following markings? Two yellow bands at the nose
Arming wire assemblies are used for what purpose? To maintain ordnance components in a safe conditoin until actual release of a weapon from an aircraft
Premature or accidental withdrawl of an arming wire from a component is prevented by the installation of which of the following devices? Safety clips
A conical fin assembly is used with what delivery mode? Unretarded only
What is the basic difference between the types of conical fins? physical size
A conical fin assembly is attended to the aft end of a bomb by waht means? Setscrews
To prevent damage to an aircraft from ricocheting bombs or fragments during high-speed low altitude delivery which of the following fin assembly configurations should be used with LDGP bombs? Snakeye retarded mode
The MAU-91 fin is attached to a MK 83 bomb by what means? An ADU-320/B fin adapter
MAU-91A/B and B/B snakeye fin assemblies are used on which of the following LDGP bombs MK83
To provide the pilot with in-flight selection capability, the swivel loop of a snakeye fin release wire is connected to what component The tail arming solenoid
Which of the following LDGP bombs can be configured as laser guided bombs? Mk 82,83,84
Th computer control group (CCG) of a laser guidance kit is used for what purpose? To detect laser-illuminated targets and to provide an attachment point for the guidance fins
A GBU-24B/B will penetrate how many feet of reinforced concrete? 4 to 6 feet
The total amount of thermal coating missing from a GBU-24B/B must not exceed what amount? 40 sq inches
DSTs are identified by what color stripes? White
What kit should you use to configure an LDGP bomb to a DST? MK75
Which of the following components is required with a MK42 firing mechanism? A battery
A MK20 bomb cluster is designed for use against which of the following targets? Armored Vihicles
What total number of bomblets is contained in th MK20 bonb cluster? 247
What fuze is used with the MK20 bomb cluster? MK339 MOD1
The spring loaded fins attached to the tail cone assembly of a MK7 bomb dispenser are secured in the closed position by which of the following retaining devices? A fin release band assembly
What total number of BLU-91 mines are contained in a CBU-78 Gator? 60
A MK 339 MOD1 mechanical time fuze is used with what modification of a MK 7 bomb dispenser? MOD3
What modifaction of a MK7 bonb dispenser is thermally protected? MOD6
The MK 339 MOD1 mechanical time fuzes has what (a) primary ot (b) optional time settings? (a) 1.2 sec (b) 4.0 secs
When both the primary and optional arming wires are pulled from the MK 339 MOD1 mechanical fuze, the fuze will function within what time? The optional time
When a tail fuze is not being used in a MK80 series practice bomb, which of the following bonb spotting charge adapters should you install to provide a visual indication of the weapons?target impact? MK 89 MODO
What type of ammuntion causes the most injureies to personnal? Practice bombs
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