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brevity terms

cas brevity terms + gen comms

JTAC or air crew marks the target with an IR pointer sparkle
response to sparkle contact or no joy
JTAC oscillates ir pointer in a figure 8 on the target snake
flashing IR energy initiated by JTAC or air crew pulse
response to pulse contact, steady, no joy
stop oscilation of IR pointer steady
stop the ir energy stop
circle IR pointer around an aircraft to help ID friendly position rope
JTAC or Aircraft have positivly Identified friendly position visual
acknowledges the sighting of a specific reference point contact
enemy position/target is in sight tally
aircrew does not have visual contact with target/bandit/bogey/landmark no joy
no visual contact with friendly position blind
when looking for reference point looking
standby for laser in 10 seconds ten seconds
designate the target with laser energy now laser on
aircraft has acquired laser energy spot
call to shift laser shift
cease laser designation terminate
height of friendly air craft in thousands of feet angels
height of fiendly air craft in hundereds of feet cherubs
requested action is authorized cleared
ordanace release is authorized. type 1 and 2 control cleared hot
EO/IR illuminator provides illumination of surface points burn
specified surface target as been acquired and is being tracked with an on board sensor captured
continue present manuevor, does not imply clearance to engage or expend ordanance continue
flying in clouds or area of reduced visibility popeye
request for friendly position, response in terms of geographic landmark, or from a common rp posit
group/contact's direction of flight/movement track
a ground object/person departing the objective area squirter
unidentified surface vehicle/person in motion mover
unidentified surface vehicle/person not in motion stationary mover
a person departing a vehicle dismount
what is a TRP target reference point
what is a NAI named area of interest
what is a RFL restricted fire line
what is a NFA no fire area
what is a JTAC joint terminal air controller
cease action abort
any UAV cyclops
looking for info details
JSTARS indicating vehicles are stationaly idle
provide mission info that is pertinent low down
iff transponder/shut it off parrot/stangle your parrot
reference point for air to surface target operations stake
PAX used to describe personel
Oscar Mike on the move
NSTR nothing significant to report
when to use break break when on the same freq but switching who you are talking to
term used to move to new ground party on the radio push
term used to describe americans eagles
when you push to a new ground party what should you do check in with new ground party and say ___is with you on fires
FEBA foreward edge of the battle area
FLOT foreward line of own troops
FSCL Fire support coordination line
what would a sample call sound like to request from the tanker to the working location in combat "currently refueling on ___track, request present position direct 20 BRC6 in 10 minutes"
GRG gridded reference system
VDO vehicle drop off point
GAF ground assault force
HAF helicopter assault force
HLZ helicopter landing zone
SSE sensitive sight exploitation (ISR)
QRF quick reaction force
TACON tactical control, usually ground party FSO who is controlling you but can not change your mission
what can be used to describe any personel PAX
what can be used in place of Blind No Joy
Unit or element will be performing exactly as briefed as fragged
to request details details or sitrep
stop firing but not for a bad reason, not to be confused with cease fire check/hold fire
request to provide air info picture
MAM military aged man
CSAR or any helicopter is departing the LZ popcorn
shift time back or ahead rolex
before giving your cas check in what should you do radio check and advise when ready to copy
what can you do if the radios become to cluttered with radios thata re not important punch them off but tell the primary crew member that you are off and to let you know if there is something important
what is the best way to relay information from a RECCE mission take notes or draw on your chart then relay all the info at once
what is the usual structure of radios in a combat enviornment one freq with the FSO and another freq that is a common fire freq with all the FO
what is the role of the FSO the FSO is controlling the fire missions. He will send you off to the individual FO and will tell you who has priority
Stop, turn around and proceed the other way hook
what should you call when escort takes the correct turn good turn
during an escort mission how often should you contact the escort atleast once every 30 sec
during a RECCE what does investigate mean varify specified elements of ROE, PID, CDE and coordination of forces on the referenced target/track
during a RECCE what does target mean ROE PID coordination of forces and commander's guidance requirements on the referenced target/track has been satisfied, but target correlation and CDE must be accomplished before employing ordance
during a RECCE what does smack mean clearance to employ ordancnace on surface targets becuases ROE, PID, CDE, coordination of fires, and commanders intent have been met
another way to say SLV to hud dead nuts
CDE collateral damage estimate
broken bent
for escort missions how should you call a turn call every 1000m, within 500m, countdown 5,4,3,2,1 "turn L/R HDG____, good turn"
how to say you are going to pass MGRS coordinates STBY grid
FSO Fire support officer
FO forward observer
when passing grid what is the norm for digit number 6 digit grid
APC Armored personnel carrier
chalk specified aircraft load, usually a group of soldiers assigned to the helo
how to say the vehicle is not moving stationary
when reading back a call for fire how should you say "your position" posit bunker A77
when describing an air stack what should aircraft be called and how to describe their altitudes use their call signs not aircraft type and say block altitude
if waiting for tasking what can you say standing by tasking or directives
if a HLZ is clear what should be said HLZ clear and quite
when is break used when on a long transmission and you are continuing message. dont go off the mike
duece and a half light truck used to carry personel
Created by: shanekory
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