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BUMEDINST 5450.165


Who is the principal advisor to Chief, BUMED on matters pertaining to the Military Health System Information Management/Information Technology strategic intiatives and the resulting impact on the business practices of Navy Medicine? Chief Information Officer
Who is the principal advisor for the financial resources and fiduciary processes in response to OPNAV, SECNAV, SECDEF, Office of Management and Budget, and Congress. Develops principles, policies, and procedures ensuring effective financial resource mgt? M8, Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management/Comptroller
What type of authority is issued to Special Assistants on matters pertaining to their expertise and position? By-direction
What meeting forum is used to share current information on upcoming BUMED activities/responsibilities and policy changes and facilitate timely communication across codes. Attendees include code EA's and Administrative Assistants? BUMED Executive Assistant meeting
Who is the principal staff advisor for Havy Health Services future planning, Projects and recommends Navy Medicin req's to support the national military strategy, projects and recommends Navy Medicine plans, policy,and req's supporting joint doctrine? M5, Deputy Chief of Staff for Future Plans and Strategies
The Surgeon General and Chief, BUMED is the principal advisor to whom on the provision of centralized, coordinated policy development, guidance, and professional advice on health services programs for the DON? CNO
Who serves as the principal senior enlisted advisor to Chief, BUMED? Force Master Chief
Who is the point of contact and coordinating authority for all change requests? Chief of Staff
What is the term used to describe the channel by which staff officers contact their counterparts at higher, adjacent, and subordinate headquarters? Staff Channel
What meeding is Chartered by BUMED Chief of Staff to conduct BUMED HQ specific business functions. Routine functions include: Position Mgt board, Space Utilization Board, and conducting monthly information forum? Deputy Chief of Staff Business Meeting
Corporate Executive Board Weekly meetings are chaired by Vice Chief, BUMED. CEB and Regional Commanders comprise the Resource Requirements Review Board per what instruction? BUMEDINST 5420.14A
Council of Corps Chiefs forum monthly meetings are chaired by whom? Vice Chief, BUMED
Who is the principal legal advisor to Chief, BUMED on medico-egal strategies, fiscal law, military justice and discipline for Navy Medicine? Staff Judge Advocate
What is the authority that a military commander lawfully exercises over subordinates in assigning missions and expecting accountability for attainment? Inherent in command
Which changes are only authorized through change transmittals signed by Chief of Vice Chief, BUMED? Orginizational structure
Which meeting includes BUMED and Regional Chiefs of Staff leadership forum to discuss health care and support delivery issues, resources, and business plan performance? Regional Chief of Staff Business meeting
Who are charged with governance within their defined geographic or functional areas of responsibility and delegated day to day operational control and resource execution authority? Regional Commanders
Special Assistants report to Chief, BUMED as subject matter experts and to the Chief of Staff for issues involving what? Staff Administration
The authority and responsibility of the SG, as an OPNAV Principal Official, are derived from the statutory authority and responsibilities of CNO and VCNO and such other authority and responsibilities as assigned by whom? Secretary of the Navy
Orders issued by the SG in performing his assigned duties have the force and effect of orders issued personally by whom? CNO
Who aligned all Navy Medical and Dental Commands under the military command of the Chief, BUMED? Secretary of the Navy
Who is the principal staff advisor for navy medicine total force, manpower, personnel, training and education policies, programs and practices? M1, Deputy Chief of Staff for Human Resources
Who is the principal advisor to Chief, BUMED on human and animal research protections? Research Protections Director M00R
Who serves as principal advisors to Chief, HUMED for Medical Department Corps matters? Corps Chiefs
Which board includes BUMED, TMO, OPNAV Flag and senior civilian leadership and Force Master Chief meeting to discuss strategy, policy, resources, performance, and organizational alignment issues? Corporate Executive Board
Who serves as the principal advisor to the Chief, BUMED on religious matters and issues pertaining to the spirtitual health of navy Medicine personnel? Pastoral Care Director, M00G
Which forum is used to discuss career development, Senior Executive management, Senior Operational/Major Staff slates, Total Force Integration strategy, cultural diversity strategy, and Navy Medicine leadership competencies? Council of Corps Chiefs forum
Who is the principle staff advisor for Navy Medicine health services? M3, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
Who exercises fiscal oversight of subordinate commands? Regional Commanders
Regional Chief of Staff Business Meeting is a bi-weekly meeting chaired by whom? Chief of Staff, BUMED
How many Echelon 3 Regional commands are there? Four
Deputy Chief of Staff Business Meetings occure how often and are chaired by the Deputy Chief of Staff, BUMED? Weekly
On behalf of Chief, BUMED, who conducts investigations and organizational assessments of and consultations of Navy Medicine? Medical Inspector General, MEDIG
Who must approve all BUMED and Regional organizations changes? Vice Chief, BUMED
Per What instruction does Comptroller(M8) report directly to Chief, BUMED for financial matters and reports to Chief of Staff for administrative purposes? SECNAVINST 7000.27 CH-1
Regional Commander business meeting occur how often and are chaired by Vice Chief, BUMED? Bi-weekly
Who is the principal advisor to Chief, BUMED on internal and External communication requirements for navy medicine? Communications Director, M00P
The Flag Council Flag-level advisory and information forum meets how often? Quarterly
Which meeting includes BUMED and Regional Command Leadershipe forum to discuss health care and support delivery issues, resources, and business plan performance? Regional Commander business meeting
Who is the OPNAV Principal Official and serves additional duty as Chief, BUMED? The Navy Surgeon General(SG)
Created by: hull5518
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