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This item provides an initial assessment of the staging area prior to or after arrival of response forces during increased threat levels or unexplained incidents (e.g., explosions or unexplained symptomatic personnel). Responder Staging Area Assessment
How long does the R&EM Flight have to respond from receipt of notification for an incident response? 30 minutes on duty and 90 minutes off duty
How many minutes does the RSAA have to be completed in? 60 minutes
How big should the sweep area be for completion of the RSAA? 250 feet by 250 feet (76 x76 m)
Which survey patterns does the R&EM Flight use for RSAA? Serpentine or “Z” pattern
Teams should travel in which direction when performing the RSAA? Upwind
How many personnel are required to complete the RSAA? 2 3E9X1s
At what distance should teams stop to monitor while performing the RSAA? 16-32 feet (5-10 m)
This item provides the incident commander a capability to confirm or deny the presence of hazards during increased threat levels or unexplained incidents (e.g., explosions, unexplained symptomatic personnel). Response Staging Area Detection Grid
What is the Emergency Responder Mission that correlates with the Responder Staging Area Detection Grid? EM Mission #7
A RSADG will be established within how many minutes of arrival? 30 minutes
What is the team composition for the RSADG? 2 3E9X1 (or civ/contractor)
The R&EM flight confirms or denies the established contour of the cordon is free of contamination and that it encompasses the entire hazard area during increased threat level response during completion of what action? Initial Cordon Definition
Emergency Management personnel will establish ICP monitoring for which type of incident? Type III or higher
The ICD team can complete a traversal of how many feet of rough terrain within how many hours, using a wheeled vehicle? 2000 feet/2 hours
What are the two initial cordon definition methods discussed? Upwind and Downwind
What is the Emergency Responder Mission that correlates with the ICD? EM Mission #14
How many feet is another EM assessment team required? Every 1000 feet
How many personnel are required to complete an ICD? 4 people (2 teams of 2 3E9X1)
Teams begin at the ECP upwind towards the incident, navigating in opposite directions around the cordon, meeting on the opposite end of the cordon using this approach? Upwind approach
At what intervals do teams stop to monitor and sample during an ICD process? Every 499 feet (152m)
Teams traverse outside the cordon to its downwind edge without sampling, split, navigating around the cordon, meeting at the ECP using this approach? Downwind approach
What type of samples are tested during a DHA? Aerosol
IAP development, briefings of known risks and goals, safety and IPE/PPE considerations are conducted during which phase of the ICD process? Pre-deployment
The Team Chief assesses information from the ICD CBRN report and passes the reports to whom? IC, MCC or EOC
This capability locates, detects and quantifies levels of contamination within an open area or facility. Line Detection Array/DHA
Which direction will the DHA initial monitoring team establish three line detection arrays? Perpendicular to the wind direction.
How many personnel are required to perform DHA? 2 teams of 3E931s
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates to the Downwind Hazard Analysis? EM Mission #24
The line detection array must relocate if the wind shifts how degrees? 30 or more
How many monitoring points are established for a LDA? 3
R&EM Flight personnel will establish an LDA within how many minutes? 30 minutes
What is the response time for R&EM personnel to respond for completion of an LDA? 30 minutes on duty and 90 minutes off duty
Under who’s direction is an LDA setup? CBRN Control Center
How long should an LDA operate without re-supply? 24 hours
Monitoring points should be spread out evenly within how many feet for an LDA? 300 feet
The main thrust of this action validates that contamination does not extend beyond the estimated hazard area/isolation zone and protects the population beyond the estimated hazards area? LDA
The timing of the line detection array movement is based on what? Expected forecast, plume modeling predictions and actual wind conditions
This capability refines the cordon size with actual hazard contours. Cordon Reduction and Expansion
The CR/E team tears down established line detection array and monitoring points and moves the Staging Area Detection Grid forward within how many minutes based on MCC/EOC direction? 30 minutes
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates with Cordon Reduction/Expansion? EM Mission #24
Who reviews the results of the initial cordon definition with the installation commander and EOC Director? ESF-5
How many personnel are required to perform a CR/E? 2 teams of 2 personnel
This assessment locates, detects and quantifies the levels of contamination within a defined area (e.g., airfield, taxiway, industrial area)? Ground Survey Assessment
Who reviews the results of the ICD with the IC, installation commander and EOC Director to determine changes to the cordon? ESF-5
What is the primary purpose of the GSA? To locate surface CBRN contamination, detect and identify airborne contamination while collecting personnel data to enable a contamination footprint estimate which interacts with plume modeling
During GSA, the survey teams can complete location, detection and quantification of contamination within how many hours across 2,000 feet (610 meters) of rough terrain by foot or wheeled vehicle? 4 hours
When available, the GSA team should also include which personnel with their equipment? BEE personnel
With a GSA, the type of CBRN hazard is IS/IS NOT confirmed prior to team deployment? IS
A GSA survey method includes? Lane, Zigzag and Clover Leaf
How many personnel are required to perform a GSA? 2 teams of 2 3E9X1s
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates with GSA? EM Mission #18
How long does R&EM Flight personnel have to respond to an incident scene for a GSA? 30 minutes on duty, 90 minutes off duty
Which publication covers the requirements for a GSA? AFTTP 3-2.44
This provides an initial (and follow-on) assessment within/beyond the immediate area of an incident/release, building, or room? Site/Facility Assessment
The site/facility assessment must be completed within how many minutes? 60 minutes
What is the composition of personnel for a SSA? An entry team and a backup team
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates with Sensitive Site Assessment? EM Mission #16
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates with a Facility Assessment? EM Mission #17
Teams should document the room layout on paper using which method? Clocking
What are used for directional purposes during entry team operations? Light Sticks
Which Emergency Responder Mission correlates with Sensitive Site Exploitation? EM Mission #33
What actions are completed during pre-deployment of an SSA/SSE? Objectives, equipment checks, IAP completion, etc.
The unit/employer shall ensure that respirators are inspected when? Before and after each use, during cleaning, at least monthly, IAW manufacturer’s recommendations and before carried into the workplace
When should the Level B chemical protective garment be inspected? Upon receipt from manufacturer, after the garment is worn and before the garment is worn again, annually
What is the shelf life for the Chemical Protective Overgarment (CPO)? 5 years from date of manufacture, extendable by testing to a maximum of 15 years
Which program is the only source for a shelf-life extension? The Stockpile Surveillance Program
This process is used when a small package or container is discovered by “non-responders” in a non-emergency setting. It also must be in a safe area, not affecting populous. Unknown substance presentation response
How long is the response time to verify, sample and package unknown substances, depending on the substance complexity and the amount to be sampled? 60 minutes
How many personnel are required to perform Identification of Unknown Substance? 2 3E9X1s
EM personnel provide detailed technical decontamination for First and Emergency Responders who must enter the hot zone or contaminated area during which process? Emergency Responder Decontamination
During non-duty hours, the team will be en route to the required area within how many minutes of notification? 90 minutes
How many 3E9X1 or RST members are required for Emergency Responder Decontamination, depending on the number of personnel to be processed, and the hazardous materials involved. 2 to 8 personnel
What are the components in a Technical/Emergency Responder Decontamination? entry point, exit point with a decon corridor in between
How many steps are associated with Emergency Responder Decontamination? 9
Which regulation outlines the requirements of the Respiratory Protection Program? OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134
How long does R&EM Flight personnel have to setup operational emergency responder decon procedures? 45 minutes
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