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Food Basics 8 (CSCA)

CSCA - Pork

AIGRE-DOUX/AGRO DOLCE French\Italian. Sweet and sour flavor. Usually a sauce or marinade.
EMPANADA “To bake in pastry.” A savory pie made from lard dough or flaky dough like pate brisee. It is Spanish in origin but also very popular in South America.
CROWN ROAST Using the ribs turned inward to make a crown and stuffed. Ribs are completely cleaned.
ESCALOPE/SCALLOPINE Cut from the loin or tenderloin. ¼-inch thick flattened and pan broiled.
FORTIFIED WINE A wine that has the addition of ethanol (alcohol) distilled from wine. Contains from 14% to 21% alcohol by volume. Examples are Sherry, Port, and Marsala, to name a few.
PILAF Classical technique for cooking rice. Grains are first sautéed in fat then water is added in the proportion of 2 parts water, or stock and 1 part rice.
SAFFRON Stigmas from a crocus. Each flower provides only three stigmas taking over 14,000 for each ounce of saffron. Powdered saffron loses its flavor more readily and can be easily adulterated with imitations. Crush threads just before using.
TRICHINELLA SPIRALIS Full name for parasite (worm) that causes Trichinosis. Dies at 137ºF. TRICHINOSIS is the nfection from Trichinella Spiralis.
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