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Food Basics 5 (CSCA)

CSCA - Chicken

ANGALISE The technique of coating food to seal in its moisture during cooking. Most common: 1. Rolled in flour, shaking off the excess 2. Dipped in beaten egg 3. Coated with bread crumbs.
COULIS Means to run. A thick purée usually of cooked or raw, fruits or vegetables.
DRESSED POULTRY A whole chicken that has all the feathers, head, feet and is not eviscerated.
FREE RANGE Chickens or turkeys which are raised on a farm and allowed unlimited access to the area outside the grow-out houses. Free range chickens are usually part of small flocks and may eat only simple mixtures of grains and what they forage.
GRATIN Any dish cooked with a crust, e.g., cheese, bread crumbs.
OVEN/DRY POACHING A method of cooking. Best for light meat, chicken, or fish. Baked in a buttered baking dish with buttered parchment paper on top at 400ºF. Uses its own juices and moisture from the butter to poach.
READY-TO-COOK POULTRY Whole-bodied carcass or parts ready for the consumer to cook.
SEAR Meat is seared on high heat in order to caramelize and color meat, which adds flavor. Meat particles stuck on the pan can be deglazed and used in sauces.
SUPREME Half of a whole boneless, skinless chicken breast. Sometimes served in Europe with the wing bone left intact.
TRUSS To tie or sew a chicken. Helps maintain the shape and moisture.
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