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Food Basics 3 (CSCA)

CSCA - Souffles

BAIN-MARIE 1) A hot water bath is used to diffuse heat. It can be used to gently cook food or hold food at a desired temperature. 2) A container used to store food and keep it warm.
BAKED CUSTARD A sweet or savory egg based mixture, cooked in a mold in a Bain-Marie. The temperature should not exceed 325ºF.
BÉCHAMEL One of the mother sauces. A milk or cream based sauce thickened with a white roux. The amount of roux is determined by its intended use. It is the only flour bound sauce that does not need to be skimmed.
BOUILLE Stirred pudding base. Proportions per egg yolk: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1½ teaspoon flour, 2 tablespoons milk.
COLLAR The extension of a soufflé dish. It helps the mixture to rise after it has passed the edge of the dish. The collar can be made from parchment or foil, and string. The collar should be greased and coated with sugar, breadcrumbs or cheese.
FLAN Caramel coated baked custard dish of Spain and Mexico, also known as Crème Caramel.
FOLDING A technique used to incorporate a light mixture into a heavier mixture.
HYDROLOSIS A condition in which starch cells are shocked or improperly heated too much. The starch loses its ability to thicken, or retain liquid and will give it up or weep.
MOUSSELINE In general, anything lightened with the addition of eggs, butter or cream. In baking: a buttercream that has sugar added in the form of a sugar syrup.
PURÉE Any food, usually fruit or vegetable, that is finely mashed to a smooth, thick consistency. Purées can be used as a garnish, served as a side dish, or added as a thickener to sauces and soups.
RIBBON Whisking together ingredient or ingredients, for example, egg yolks and sugar, to incorporate air and increase volume so that when the whisk is lifted, the mixture will fall back upon itself like ribboned candy.
RAMEKIN A small porcelain vessel with straight sides used to bake custards and soufflés.
ROUX A thickening agent of equal parts butter and flour that has been cooked to varying degrees. It is added at the beginning of the cooking process. All flour bound sauces with the exception of béchamel must be skimmed.
SOUFFLÉ From the French word souffler meaning “to blow up.” A light airy mixture that can be sweet or savory and hot or cold. They are made from a flavorful base,lightened with whipped egg whites, and put into a dish and baked until set.
SOUFFLÉ PUDDING Boiled base, usually a pudding, cooked in a Bain Marie.
SOUFFLÉ ROULADE A soufflé-type mixture that is spread on a lined jelly roll pan, baked until firm, but still moist, then spread with a savory or sweet filling and rolled up jelly-roll fashion.
SYNERESIS When egg proteins are heated to the point that liquid is released. This can occur from cooking too long or at too high of a temperature.
SAUCE THICKENING Proportions of Flour/Starch to 1 CUP LIQUID for creating 3 consistencies of a sauce. (SEE CHART IN VOCAB LIST)Note: A starch's thickening power may vary from brand to brand. The temperature at which starch will gelatinize varies from 130ºF to 176ºF.
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