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ALS Set 1

ALS-DL Set 1

a process that changes the way a person thinks, feels, or behaves. Learning
keys to successful learning -Make sense of education -Be motivated to learn -Have a positive attitude towards learning -Engage in the learning process
six steps in the learning process -Plan your time wisely -Set up a learning site -Preview the material -Use study techniques -Answer questions -Reward yourself
difference between formative exercises and course exams Formative: learning; designed to provide feedback on strengths, areas needing improvement -Course: determine possession requisite knowledge, skills, abilities to master material; must pass each exam to complete ALDLC
Levels of Learning receiving, responding, valuing
knowledge requires you to remember and repeat information you‟ve either heard or read
Comprehension one step higher than the knowledge level. It‟s defined as seeing abstracts, concepts, and relationships beyond the simple remembering of material. It requires you to more thoroughly understand, interpret, draw conclusions from, and solve problems using th
Application requires you to apply the thought process to new or previously unseen scenarios and assignments. You must have a complete understanding of the principles and concepts and then use critical thinking skills to apply them
Receiving first level of learning in the affective domain. At this level, learners pay attention to what is being presented.
Responding second level of learning; involves some sort of action or response, such as complying with an Air Force directive or performing some voluntary action and obtaining satisfaction from it.
Valuing As a person responds, some worth may be assigned to that action or the concept from which that action originated. For example, you may at first merely accept, later prefer, and finally commit yourself to something because of its perceived worth
EPME Structured Thinking Process Model Identify, Differentiate, Determine, Predict
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