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BPS Medical Prefixes

Prefix A - The beginning of a medical term. B - It changes or modifies the root word in the term. C - Prefixes INDICATE the location, presence, time, number, quantity, size, frequency, position, etc .. D- If written alone they are denoted w/ (-) to the
Prefix of a-, an- Meaning: no, not, without
Prefix of Ante-, Pre-, Pro- Meaning: before, In front
Prefix of Anti-, Contra Meaning: Against
Prefix of Bi, Diplo Meaning: Two/Double
Prefix of Brady Meaning: Slow
Prefix of Tachy Meaning: Fast, Rapid
Prefix of Circum-, Peri- Meaning: Around/ Surrounding
Prefix of De- Dehydration Meaning: Lack of
Prefix of Dia-, Trans Meaning: Through
Prefix of Dys- Meaning: Difficult, painful, abnormal
Prefix of Endo Meaning: Within/ inside
Prefix of Hyper- Meaning: Increase, High, Excessive
Prefix of Hypo Meaning: low, decrease
Prefix of Ecto- Meaning: Outside
Prefix of Ex-, Exo- Meaning: Outside
Prefix of Extra- Meaning: Away form
Prefix of Epi- Meaning: Upon, over
Prefix of Eu Meaning; Normal, Easy
Prefix of Hemi- Meaning: half
Prefix of poly- Meaning: Excessive, Many
Prefix of Sub- Meaning: below, under
Prefix of Inter - Meaning: Between
Prefix of Intra- Meaning: Within, Inside
Prefix of Mal- Meaning: Bad
Prefix of Megalo-, Mega Meaning: Large
Prefix of Micro- Meaning: Small
Prefix of Uni-, Mono Meaning: one, single
Prefix of Multi- Meaning: Many
Prefix of Oligo- Meaning: Scanty
Prefix of Pan- Meaning: all, entire
Prefix Post Meaning: after, behind
Prefix of Quadri- Meaning: Four
Prefix of Re- Meaning: Again, back
Prefix of Super-, Supra- Meaning: above, over
Prefix of Ultra- Meaning: beyond
Prefix of Con- Meaning: with, together
Prefix of Auto- Meaning: Self
Prefix of Nulli- Meaning: Zero, none
Prefix of Hydro- Meaning: water
Prefix of Pseudo- Meaning: False
Prefix of Neo- Meaning: New
prefix of Retro- Meaning: Backward
Apnea not breathing
Arrhythmia without a normal rhythm
Anesthesia No feeling
Prenatal before birth
Anterior In of structure
Anticoagulant works against clotting
Contraceptive Any device that works against conception
Bilateral two sides
Diplococci Bacteria in pairs
Bradycardini slow heart beat (below 60 beat per minute)
Tachycardia Fast heart beat(over 100 beats per minute)
Circumcision removal of foreskin on the tip of the penis.
Pericardium Tissue that surrounds the heart
Dehydration lack of water
Transdermal Through the skin
Diathermy heat passing through the skin
Dysuria difficult urinating
Endoscopy Visual exam of the inside the body
Hypertension high blood pressure
Hypotension low blood pressure
Ectopic Pregnancy It's a pregnancy outside the normal location
Eupnea normal breathing
Exoskeleton skeleton on the outside (no skin: insects)
Extract Removal of tooth away for the oral cavity
Epidermis outer most layer of the skin
Epigastric upon the stomach
Hemigastrectomy surgical removal of half of the stomach
Polyuria Excessive urination
Sublingual under the tongue
Intercostal Between the ribs
Intravenous Within a vein
Malignant "BadTumor" Cancerous tumor
Megalocyte Large cell
Microscope instrument used to view small organisms
Unicellur single cell
Monomyoplegia paralysis of one muscle
Quadriplegia paralysis of all 4 limbs
Multipara woman that has multiple pregnancies
Oliguria Scanty urine
Pancarditis Inflammation of the entire heart
Posterior behind a structure
Post-Operative after the operation
Relapse disease returns
Reproduce produce again
Superficial on the surface
Suprapubic above the pubic area
Ultrasound beyond the speed of sound
Congenital "born with"
Concentric within a circle
Autophilia attraction to oneself
Nulligraudia no pregnancies
Hydronephrosis water in kidney
Pseudoanorexia False or pretend anorexia
Neoplasm new growth
Retroflexion turning back on itself
Created by: bpstears