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Med Term Ch3

Musculoskeletal System

muscul/o, my/o, myos/o muscle
skelet/o skeleton
oste/o, oss/i, osse/o bone
arthr/o, articul/o joint
ligament/o ligament
tendin/o, tend/o, ten/o tendon
fasci/o fascia
chondr/o, cartilag/o cartilage
hemat/o blood
orth/o straight, straighten
rheumat/o watery flow
physi/o nature
appendic/o appendicular
myel/o bone marrow
meta change
condyl/o condyle (rounded projection at end of bone)
epicondyl/o epicondyle (projection above condyle)
crest narrow elongated elevation
spin/o spine (thornlike projection)
trochanter/o trochanter (projection on proximal end of femur)
tubercul/o tubercle (small raised area)
tuberosity elevation, slightly larger than tubercle
crani/o skull, cranium
faci/o face
front/o frontal
pariet/o parietal
occipit/o occipital
tempor/o temporal
mastoid/o mastoid
ethmoid/o ethmoid
sphenoid/o sphenoid
zygom/o, zygomat/o zygoma, zygomatic bone
lacrim/o lacrimal
maxill/o maxilla
mandibul/o mandible
vomer/o vomer
palat/o palatine
nas/o nasal
cost/o rib
stern/o sternum
xiph/o xiphoid
spin/o spine
vertebr/o, spondyl/o vertebra
lamin/o lamina
cervic/o cervical
thorac/o thoracic
lumb/o lumbar
sacr/o sacral
coccyg/o coccygeal
humer/o humerus
radi/o radius (lateral lower arm bone)
uln/o ulna (medial lower arm bone)
olecran/o olecranon, elbow
carp/o carpal (wrist)
metacarp/o metacarpal (hand)
phalang/o phalanx (pl. phalanges)
digit/o, dactyl/o digitus (pl. digits, fingers/toes)
pelv/o, pelv/i pelvis
ili/o ilium (hip)
ischi/o ischium (lower hip bone)
pub/o pubis (anterior hip bone)
femor/o femur
patell/o, patell/a patella (kneecap)
tibi/o tibia (medial lower leg bone)
fibul/o, perone/o fibula (lateral lower leg bone)
malleol/o malleolus
tars/o tarsal (ankle)
calcane/o calcaneus (heel(
metatars/o metatarsal (foot)
synovi/o synovial
burs/o bursa
menisc/o meniscus
rhabdomy/o skeletal muscle
leiomy/o smooth muscle
myocardi/o heart muscle
brachi/o arm
glute/o buttock
maxim/o large
long/o long
cleid/o collarbone
tens/o stretching
flex/o bending
supination turning palm upward
pronation turning palm downward
dors/i back
plant/o sole
dorsiflexion process of bending back
plantar flexion pointing toes away from body
vers/o turning
tract/o pulling
rot/o wheel
duct/o carrying
occulta hidden
tort/i twist
coll/o neck
deformans misshapen
por/o passage
crepit/o crackling
phyt/o growth nature
derm/o skin
erythemat/o red
ankyl/o stiffening
kyph/o round back
lord/o swayback
scoli/o curvature
fibr/o fiber
gravis severe
tom/o section
goni/o angle
prosth/o addition
syndesm/o ligament
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