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medical terminology-indigo module

BCC basal cell carcinoma
Bx, bx biopsy
C culture & sensitivity
CA cancer
chemo chemotherapy
CIS carcinoma in situ
cm centimetre
Decub. decubitus
Derm. dermatology
FS frozen section
I incision and drainage
ID intradermal
IMP impression
IV intravenous
TNM tumor node metastasisdis
ung ointment
XP, XPD xeroderma pigmentosum
BRAT banana, rice, apple, toast
BSP bowel sounds present
CDA Canadian diabetic association
CF clear fluids
CF-DAT clear fluids diet as tolerated
d/c, dc discharge, discontinue
DAT diet as tolerated
DD diabetic diet
EF enteral feeds
FF full fluids
FF-DAT full fluids diet as tolerated
Fr. french
GF gluten-free
G-tube gastrostomy tube
HF high fibre
HP high protein
J-tube jejunostomy tube
LR low residue
MN minced
NAS no added salt
N-G tube nasogastric tube
NPO nothing by mouth
PAR parenteral feeds
PE puree
PEG tube percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube
REG regular diet
SS surgical soft
T tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy diet
Created by: poccapam
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