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Med Term Ch2

Chapter 2 - body structure and directional terminology

cyt/o cell
hist/o tissue
ana- up, apart, away
physi/o growth
path/o disease
bi/o life
necr/o death, dead
auto- self
bucc/o cheek
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck
crani/o skull
faci/o face
front/o front
ment/o chin
nas/o nose
ocul/o eye
or/o mouth
ot/o ear
abdomin/o abdomen
axill/o axilla (armpit)
cox/o hip
delt/o triangular, deltoid muscle
inguin/o groin
mamm/o breast
pelv/o, pelv/i pelvis
pub/o pubis
stern/o sternum (breastbone)
thorac/o chest
umbilic/o umbilicus (navel)
cubit/o elbow
brachi/o arm
carp/o wrist
crur/o leg
digit/o finger/toe
femor/o thigh
man/u hand
palm/o palm
patell/o, patell/a kneecap
ped/o foot
plant/o sole
tars/o ankle
lumb/o lower back, loin
nuch/o neck
acromi/o acromion (highest point of shoulder)
dors/o back
glute/o buttocks
olecran/o elbow
perine/o perineum (space between genitals and anus)
poplit/o back of knee
sacr/o sacrum
scapul/o scapula, shoulderblade
sur/o calf
vertebr/o vertebra, spine
anter/o front
ventr/o belly
poster/o back
dors/o back
super/o upward
cephal/o head
infer/o downward
caud/o tail
medi/o middle
later/o side
ipsi- same
later/o side
contra- opposite
uni- one
bi- two
superficial on the surface of the body
dep away from the surface of the body
proxim/o near
dist/o far
dextr/o right
sinistr/o left
af- toward
fer/o to carry
ef- away from
supine lying on one's back
prone lying on one's belly
Created by: Syrina