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Medieval Patrick

Medieval Flashcards

Between what years was the Medieval Era in? 500AD - 1500AD
Who created the Doomsday Book? William The Conqueror
Who is on top of the Feudal System? The King
At what age do you become a Page? 7 years old
What would Knights do in between fights? The would compete in tournaments or jousting to improve their skills
What was the lowest part of the Castle? The dungeons
What was the name of the plague that killed millions? The Black Death
What is excommunication? Being banned from the church
What is the Bayeux Tapestry? The Bayeux Tapestry is used to track The Norman Conquest
What were the 3 stages of the Medieval Era? 500 - 1000AD - The Dark Ages 1000 - 1300AD - High Middle Ages 1300 - 1500AD - Late Middle Ages
Who entertained the King? Jesters
What age would a Page usually become a Squire? 14 years old
What age would a Squire become a Knight? 20 years old
How did they preserve meat? With salt
Where would the Soldiers stay in a Castles? The Gatehouse
What age would Medieval women marry at? 14 years old
How were houses built? Mud bricks and thatched roofs
What was the main punishment for Witchcraft? Being burned at the stake
Created by: PAT0154