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rea gace 002


divide 6.2 by 0.05 124
what is the formula for finding the area of a triangle a=(lxh)/2
red and green are a complementary color pair
flying buttresses, pointed arches, and stained glass windows are characteristic of which historic style of architecture gothic
perform the indicated operation: (-36) - 11 -47
simplify: 6x2+3/3 13 (PEMDAS)
if a can weighs 14 oz., how many cans would you need to have a ton? (round your answer to the nearest ones) 2,286 (2,000=ton)
a two year old child using a crayon to scribble on manila paper is focusing on the texture of the paper and the color and shape of the marks
what song has the same rhythm as HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Star-Spangle Banner
Two bags has four blue marbles and four red . What is the probability of selecting a blue marble from the first bag and a blue marble from the second bag 1/4
how many lines of symmetry do all non-square rectangles have 2
xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels are instruments associated with what classroom musical approuch Orff
identify the mathematical property involved in the following problem: (6+2) + 5 = 6 + (2+5). associative property of addition
a room measuring 14 feet by 20 feet needs carpet with no seams. carpet comes in 16 foot wide rolls. what is the minimum amount needed 40 ft2
two coins are tossed at the same time. what is the probability that only one head is obtained in each of the tosses 0.5
a card is drawn from a deck of cards. what is the probability that the card is a queen or black four 6/52
in a group of people, there are 18 blondes, 17 brunettes, and 5 redheads. what is the probability of selecting a redhead from the group 1/8
student thought he had $9.55 in nickels, later discovered he had 10 extra nickels. how many nickels does the student have unneeded info is the 10 extra nickels. divide $9.55 by $0.05. the answer is 191 nickels
9 is an example of what sort of number prime
there are 16 more apples than oranges in a basket of 62 apples and oranges. how many oranges are in the basket o + (0+16) = 2o +16 = 62 o=oranges
in music, the words "up" and "down" are usually associated with high and low
what song has the same melody as TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR alphabet song
Joe can place a max of 5 apples in a sack. if he needs to put 32 apples in sacks, how many sacks will he need? 5/32=6.4 therefore Joe needs 7 bags
another way to write 4x4x4 43
how many faces does a cube have 6
farm has land that is measured 223ft long and 467ft wide. they want to fence it in. how much fence is needed p=2L+2W = 2 x 223+ 2 x 467= 1380 ft of fence needed
what is the formula for the relationship between the number of faces, vertices, and edges of a cube? F + V = E + 2 6 FACES, 8 VERTICES, AND 12 EDGES. Put in numbers needed
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