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snubbed to treat with disdain
insufferable intolerable; difficult to endure
harmonious pleasing and pleasantful; agreeable
recklessly without caution; careless
deviated stay away from the normal path
monolithic one piece; massive; solid and unbroken
aneurysms permenant cardiac or arterial dialation
supple characterized by ease in bending
buoyant cheerful, not easily put down
aptness inclined; disposed
ascribe to credit or assign
surpass to go beyond; exceed
elict to draw or bring out or forth
reticent reserved
berate to scold; rebuke
lackluster to lack brilliance or radiance
upheaval strong or violent change or disturbance
notoriety being widely known; reputatuon
wiles cunning
reprimand a severe reproof
atrocity outrageous behavior
eminence important; famous; at the top
ceaseless without stop or pause
austere severe in manner or appearance
glut overabundance
deplored to regret very deeply and very strongly
jarring harsh; shock; jolt
meticulously carefully
nonchalantly unconcerned; indifferent or unexcited
affinity a natural liking to something or someone
seclusion isolation
destitute without means of survival; completely lacking or improvised
stingy not generous; scanty; meager
clandestine secretive; sly
maniac overexcited; crazy
arrogant thinking superior
shabbily impaired by wear or use
duped easily tricked; gullable
charlatan someone who claims to have more knowledge than (s)he does
mitigated to make less severe
miser a person who lives in wretched circumstances in order to save and hoard money
self-deprecating excessively modest
emblematic symbolic
emulate copy the actions of and surpass
endearing attract attention
plausible reasonable; beliveable
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