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3S371 Vol 1

Craftman CDC

What are the four core competencies? Program Allocation and control, Requirements Determination, Organization structure, and Performance management.
What is program allocation and control? planning and programming manpower resources, manpower resource management, and management of the manpower data system (MPES)
What does the requirements determination program include? creation and maintenance of manpower standards, reengineering of AF functions, commercial activities, requirements utilization, contingency manpower planning and execution, and support aggreements.
PECI and IDEA fall under what core competency? Performance management.
What publication gives the duties and responsibilities of both the manpower officer and NCO? 36-2101
What office approves AFMSs and variances? HQ USAF/A1M
What agency reviews and processes changes to the AFMS? AFMA
Organizations with like responsibilities should have similar organizational structures. Standardization
Organizations should be capable of adapting rapidly to changing external circumstances. Flexibility
Organizational structure should provide a clear chain of command running from the president to the most junior Airman. Unambiguous command
Organizations should be designed so lower echelons can achieve objectives without the need of continuous control from above. Decentralization
Organizations should have a reason to exist and designed to achieve the outcome defined in the applicable mission directive. Mission orientation
Organizations should be structured so personnel can recognize problems, find solutions, make decisions, and implement them quickly. Agility
Organizational structure should be as plain and straightforward as possible becasue complexity often inhibits rather than facilitates organizational effectiveness. Simplicity
encourages rapid decision making Lean Organizational Structure
Constitutes a complete entity, using closely related parts. Functional grouping
Mirrors peacetime and wartime operations so little time is lost transition. Emphasis on wartime tasks
Established at the lowest level required to successfully accomplish the primary mission. Standard levels
Tacticl echelons are designed to increased operational effectiveness rather than to review and transmit paperwork. Skip-echelon structure
What agency is the approval authority for deviations from the standard structure? HQ USAF/A1M
Constituted by directives issued by HQ/UsAF A1M. Unit
A temporary unit organized to perform a specific task. Provisional unit
Consists of a headquarters unit and its subordinate units. Establishment
Directly administers units, detachements, or operating locations assigned to it. Parent unit
Identifies AF personnel on duty with organizations outside the AF Air Force element
Separated geographically from its parent unit, and doesnt have nonjudicial punishment authority. Operating location
Separted geographically from its parent unit and has nonjudicial punishment authority. Detachment
What is the organizational entity whose legal authority for existence is withdrawn? Disbanded unit
What are the two major entities in HQ USAF? Secretariat & Air staff
What is subdivision of the Air Force that reports directly to the chief of staff. USAF? DRU (Direct Reporting Unit)
What is a subdivision of AF that reports directly to a HQ USAF functional manager? FOA (Field operating Agency)
What level of organization should not exceed 99 manpower authorizations without an approved waiver? NAF (numbered af)
What is the name for a wing that performs a support rather than an operational mission? Air Base Wing
What level of organization has the functions and responsibilites as a wing but does not warrant wing-level designation? Independent Group
What is the lowest level unit in the AF? Numbered/Named Flight
Host unit commanders. Installation commander
Designation used at group level. Deputy commander
Staff element of HQ USAF or MAJCOM level. Directorate
Designation used at MAJCOM through wing level only. Vice Commander
Occupies a position of command pursuant to orders of appointment. Commander
Supervises the activities of directorates and FOAs. Depuuty chief of staff.
Organizations that hold squadron status in teh wing structure and can be aligned to this type of element when the head of organization is a civilian Division
What is a staff element reporting directly to a MAJCOM vice commander and overseas executive services? Director of staff
What functions is structured to perform an operational or war-fighting mission, often oriented to a specific geographic region? NAF (standard NAF)
Generally what levels of organization report to a wing commander? Wing Staff functions, 4 group CC's and comptroller.
Provides commanders and staff with research services. History
Administers support agreements and evaluates exercises. Plans
Provides consultant services and facilitates process improvement. MO office
Implements emergency action and quick reaction checklist. Command post
Represents AF interests in environmental, civilian labor, and utility rate matters. Staff Judge Advocate
Issues and manages programs to help preserve vital resources and enhance mission capability. Safety
Provides advice to commanders and staff on religious, ethical, moral, and quality of life matters. Chaplain
Implements the AF Inspection system; Comlaints Program; and Fraud Waste and Abuse Programs. Inspector General
Administers complaint program and human relations program; conducts human relations climate assessment. MEO
Advises and counsels commanders in communicating AF messages to the military and public communities. Public Affairs.
What function is aligned as a squadron or flight reporting directly to the wing commander? FM (Comptroller)
Grants the legal authority for a new unit by designating it in a Department of AF (DAF/A1M) Letter. Constitute
To withdraw the leagal authority for a unit. The designation of the unit is retired and preserved in historical records. Disband
What organizational action renews legal authorization of a disbanded unit? Reconstitute
What organizational action changes the name or number of an organization? Redesignate
What organizational action places a unit with an existing military organization? Assign
What do you call support that is provided by one organization to another, enabling that organization to carry out operations? Logistic support
What is automatically created when its headquarters unit is activated, but personnel are not assigned to it. Establishment
What document reflects the effective date of an organization action? DAF/A1M or orders issued by MAJCOM
How often are detachment and operating locations reviewed to validate the continuing requirement for the activity? Annually
How are detachments numbered? Detachments are numbered in sequence, beginning with 1.
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