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Monster ANP 2 test

lord be with me :)

What are the accessory organs of the FRS? -Internal Genitalia -External Genitalia -Additional sex glands such as the mammary glands
Female reproductive organs can be classified as what? Essential Organs or Accessory Organs
The Essential organs of the FRS are what? Gonads (Paired ovaries)
What is produced by the ovaries (gonads) Female Gametes or Ova
Unlike the Male reproductive system the Female reproductive system can also provide what? Provide nutrition and protection to the offspring for up to several years after conception.
What are the ducts or duct structures that extend from the ovaries to the exterior? Internal genitals
what is homologous to the testes in the Male Ovaries
What ligament attaches Ovary to the UT Ovarian Ligament
The surface of the ovaries is covered by what? Germinal Epithelium
Ovary consists of two layers.. What are they? (Outer) Cortex &(Inner) Medulla
How many Muscles are in the human body According to our text book on page 294 there are >600
What is the Origin of a Muscle immovable end
What is the Insertion of a Muscle movable end
How many different size, shape & fiber arrangement are their involving muscles? P. 296 in our text books 6
An example of a Parallel M. (1.) Long "strap-like" muscles-- ex-->Sartoris or Rectus Abdominis
An example of a Convergent M. (2) Pectoralis Major
Name the 3 subcategories of a Pennate M. (3) A<B<C Unipennate, Bipennate and Multipennate
Example of Unipennate muscle(A) flexor pollicis longus
example of a bipennate muscle(B) rectus femoris
example of multipennate muscle(C) deltoid muscle
An example of a Fusiform muscle(belly)((4) Brachioradialis
An example of a Spiral muscle(5) latissimus dorsi
An example of a Circular muscle (6) orbicularis oris
What are the fibrous coverings from deep to superficial Endomysium, Perimysium, Epimysium, Tendon Sheath, Deep Fascia, Superficial Fascia, Fascia
Term for triangle in shape deltoid
Term for slender in shape gracialis
Term for notched in shape serratus
Term for round in shape Teres
Term for comb-like in shape Pectinate
Term for wedge-shaped Piriformis
Term for flat in shape Platyus
Term for square in shape Quadratus
Term for Wormlike in shape Lumbrical
What is an Antagonist Muscle An "antagonist" is a classification used to describe a muscle that acts in opposition to the specific movement generated by the agonist and is responsible for returning a limb to its initial position.
After ovulation, what does the follicle become? Corpus Luteum
What does the Corpus Luteum secrete Progesterone, Inhibin, Relaxin
Progesterone and Inhibin suppress what hormone? FSH
What is the purpose of P & I suppressing FSH? to prevent continued development of new follicles during the functional life of the corpus luteum
What hormone (if prego) is secreted by the Placenta to help "calm" uterine contractions? Relaxin
What are the functions of ovaries? (2) Essential organs- oogenesis in there & Endocrine Organs- b/c they secrete Estrogen and Progesterone which regulate Female reproduction
Where are Bartholin's Gland? R and L of Vag opening
What does the Bartholins gland do? secrete mucus to lub the vag
What are the B glands homologous to in the male? bulbo glands
Created by: tmiczikus