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MA 70 Module 7

Body Fluids and Lymph

CA Cancer
CBC Complete Blood Count
C&S Culture and sensitivity
diff differential
ESR, SR, sed rate erythrocyte sedimentation rate
HCT, Hct, crit Hematocrit
Hgb, Hb, HGB hemoglobin count
mono mononucleosis
PT, pro-time prothrombin time
RBC Red blood cell, red blood cell count
WBC white blood cell, white blood cell count
The formed elements of blood erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets aka thrombocytes
the liquid portion of blood plasma
the liquid portion of blood after clotting serum
a- prefix: without
an- prefix: without, no, lack of
anti- prefix: against
de- prefix: away from, down from, remove, reverse
extra- prefix: above; more than normal, in excess
hyper- prefix: above, more than normal, in excess
inter- prefix: between
intra- prefix: within, in
mono- prefix: one
poly- prefix: many
pan- prefix: all
-al suffix adj: pertaining to
-ar suffix adj: pertaining to
-ary suffix, adj: pertaining to
-ation suffix, noun: action, state, condition
-cyte suffix, noun: cell
-emia suffix, noun: blood condition
-gen -genesis suffix: to produce, origin
-gram suffix: record, image, graph
-graph suffix: machine that records or creates an image or graph
-graphy suffix: the process of using an instrument to create a record, image or graph
-ia suffix, noun: condition
-itis suffix: inflammation
-logic suffix: pertaining to the study or science of
-logist suffix: one who studies or specializes in
-logy suffix: the study of
-lysis suffix: desolving, loosening, breaking down, decomposition
-oid suffix: resembling, like
-oma suffix: tumor, mass, growth
-osis (in reference to blood) suffix: increase, more than normal
-ous suffix, adj: possessing, full of
-pathy suffix: disease
-penia suffix: less than normal
-phagia -phage suffix: to eat, swallow suffix: noun, a thing that devours
-phylaxis suffix: protection
-plasty -plastic suffix: surgical repair suffix: pertaining to surgical repair
-poiesis suffix: production
-phil suffix: attraction to
-rrhage suffix: excessive flow;rupture
-stasis suffix: stopping; controlling
-therapy suffix: treatment
-tomy suffix: to cut into, incise
-toxic suffix: pertaining to poison
-um (singular) suffix: -a (plural)
-us (singular) suffix: -i (plural)
agglutin/o clumping
angi/o vessel
anis/o unequal
bas/o chemical base
chrom/o color
cyt/o cellul/o cell
erythr/o red
hem/o, hemat/o blood
immun/o safe, immune
coagul/o clot
leuk/o white
lymph/o lymph
hidro/o sweat
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
macr/o large
micr/o small
path/o disease
phag/o to eat; swallow
poikil/o irregular
hydr/o water
morph/o shape
spher/o round
thromb/o blood clot
agglutination clumping
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction
anemia a condition of reduced numbers of red blood cells, hemoglobin, or packed red cells in the blood
anticoagulant drug that helps to prevent blood clotting
coagulant drug that helps blood clot
dehydration loss of water
hemoglobin blood protein that carries oxygen
anisocytosis abnormal condition of unequal sized cells
hemoblast immature red blood cell
hemolysis hemolytic 1. destruction of blood 2. agent that destroys blood
hemorrhage excessive uncontrolled bleeding
hidrosis abnormal condition of excessive sweating
erythrocyte red blood cell
erythrocytosis abnormal increase in red blood cell production
erythrocytopenia erythropenia abnormal decrease in red blood cells
erythropoiesis red blood cell production
extracellular pertaining to outside a cell
hemocyte blood cell
hemoglobinopathy disease of the blood where the hemoglobin is misshapen.
hematocrit test for determining the percentage of red blood cells, white blood cell & platelets to plasma within a volume of blood
hematology the study blood and its diseases
hematologist specialist in the study of blood and its diseases
hematopoiesis hematopoietic hematogenesis production of blood
immunogen substance or cell the creates an immune response in the body
immune protected against
immunity having protection against
immunization immunotherapy vaccination a shot or vaccination that creates an immune response to produce immunity
immunology the study of the immune system
immunological pertaining to the immune system
homeostasis relative constancy in the internal environment of the body
hydrocephalus accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the vessels and ventricles of the brain
hydrochromia decrease in the color of red blood cells
interstitial pertaining to the spaces between cells and tissue
intracellular within a cell
leukemia cancer of the bone marrow which prevents normal production of blood elements causing anemia
leukocytosis abnormal increase in white blood cell production
leukocytopenia leukopenia abnormal decrease in white blood cell production
lymph body fluid containing white blood cells
hyperchromia excessive color of red blood cells
morphology branch of medicine dealing with structures of organisms
mucus fluid produced by the epithelial membranes to protect and aid in movement
mucous pertaining to mucus
pancytopenia a decrease in all formed elements of blood
lymphocyte type of white blood cell
sanguineous containing blood; pertaining to blood
lymphopoiesis production of lymphocytes
macrocyte abnormal increase in size of cells
macrophage a large white blood cell that eats/engulfs pathogens and other blood debris
microcyte abnormally small cells
thrombocytopenia thrombopenia reduction of clotting factors in blood
pathogen disease producing
phagocyte a cell that eats other cells and debris
poikilocytosis abnormal condition of irregularly shaped cells
prophylaxis the preventing of disease
sepsis invasion of the body by pathogens or their toxins
thrombus a blood clot
thrombocyte blood clotting component of the blood
thrombolytic pertaining to an agent that destroys blood clots
thrombogenesis the production of blood clots
mononucleosis the presence of a large number of monocytes or leukocytes in the blood
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