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Bill of Rights

and other Amendments

First 5 fundamental freedoms. Freedom of assembly, petition, press, religion, speech.
Second individual right to bear arms(Miller 2010)
Third Protection from quartering of troops during times of peace.
Fourth Protection against unlawful searches & seizures.
Fifth Due process clause.(federal); Right to remain silent; Protection against eminent domain (aka unlawful takings of property)
Sixth Right to speedy trial; right to Counsel(Attorney)
Seventh Right to a federal jury trial
Eighth Protection against cruel & unusual punishment, protection against excessive bail
Ninth All your rights not stated in the U.S. Constitution. You have the right to space babies/death by lightsaber
Tenth Reserve (Police) Powers - public health/public safety//morals of its citizens. The states get to "speak first"(to legislate)
Eleventh Protects government from sovereign immunity. Can't sue government without its permission.
Thirteenth abolished slavery
Fourteenth which grants citizenship to everyone born in the US and subject to its jurisdiction and protects civil and political rights
Fifteenth guaranteed the right to vote regardless of race
Eighteenth established prohibition. Banned the sell of alcoholic beverages.
Nineteenth guaranteed women the right to vote
21st ended prohibition
22nd limits the term of the POTUS to two terms or ten years.
25th sets out the order of succession
26th lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.
27th prohibits changes to Congress members' salaries from taking effect until after an election of representatives.
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