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Chapter 7 Reading

Reading terminology from Chapter 7

adnex/o/pexy operation of fixing the uterine adnexa to the abdominal wall
adnex/itis imflammation of the uterine adnexa
antrum a sinus
aden/asthenia deficient glandular secretion
crin/o/genic stimulating secretion
in/dur/ation act or process of becoming hard
fasci/cul/us a small bundle or cluster
fasci/o/rrhaphy the suturing together of torn fascia
helio/sis sunstroke
a/hypn/ia not sleep
iso/cell/ul/ar composed of cells of the same size and kind
is/op/ia equality of vision in the two eyes
an/iso inequality
ment/al/ity mental power or activity
malign/ant tending to become progressively worse and to result in death if not treated
de/ment/ia mental deterioration
part/ur/ition the act or process of giving birth to a child
post/part/um occurring after childbirth or after delivery
scirrh/us hard cancerous tumor
nasal septum nostrils
somal pertaining to the body
-ectopia displacement
trachea windpipe
trache/itis inflammation of the windpipe
Created by: Tiffastic