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Stack #127547

CH 5 The Nutrients

Carbohydrates nutrients made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, body's source of energy
Simple carbohydrates sugars from fruit, vegetables, milk
Complex Carbohydrates starches from vegetable, grains, bread and cereal
Fiber plant material your body cannot digest
Fats supply essential fatty acids, transport vitamins, keep food in your stomach, reserve energy
Cholesterol fat-like substance that helps body carry out processes
Saturated Fats solid at room temperature, from animal sources
Unsaturated fats liquid at room temperature, from plant sources
Hydrogenated oils oil that has been turned into solid
Proteins substances that body uses to build and repair cells
Amino Acids Body's building blocks
Complete Proteins contain all the essential amino acids, come from animal sources
Incomplete Proteins Lack some amino acids, come from plant sources
Water essential for life, body needs 4-6 glasses per day
Vitamins chemical mixtures found in many foods
Fat-soluble vitamins A,E,D,K, can only mix with fat
Vitamin A helps bones, teeth, vision
Vitamin D helps bones and teeth
Vitamin E Helps form red blood cells
Vitamin K Helps blood clotting
Water-soluble Vitamins B and C
Vitamin C Helps body fight infection
B Vitamins Thiamin, riboflavin. Niacin
Minerals used for many process, help other nutrients
Calcium build strong bones and teeth
Iron helps body carry oxygen
Phosphorus Builds strong teeth and bones
Osteoporosis condition where bones weaken and break easily.
Created by: sueroberts