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history ch. 26

what was v-e day? victory in europe day
what was the manhattan project the building of the atomic bomb
what kind of japanese pilots would attack american ships toward the end of the war? kamikazes
who commanded the american troops in north america and normandy general dwight d. eisenhower
what was the final german offensive that took place in belgium battle of the buldge
the invasion of what country started world war 2 poland
list the 3 leaders that were at the meeting at yalta? stalin, churchill, roosevelt
who commanded the american army in the pacific? douglas macarthur
what word means "lightning war" blitzkrieg
what was hitler's political party nazi
what was the last country to fall to germany in 1940 france
why was the takeover of austria and the sudentenlend illegal? disregarded the treaty of versailles
who rose to power in Italy in the 1920's benito mussolini
what did roosevelt say dec 7, 1941 a date that will live in infamy
the 2 japanese cities on which the atomic bomb was dropped nagasaki and hiroshima
what was appeasement giving in the hitler's demands with a hope of maintaining peace
what did truman demand at the potsdam conference? Japan's unconditional surrender
what was the last island to fall to the americans before we bombed japan okinawa
what was the costliest battle that the marine core fought in the pacific Iwojima
june 6, 1944 is known as what d-day
what was the code name for the normandy invasion d-day
list the 3 main allied leaders stalin, churchilll, and roosevelt
what brought the united states into ww2 bombing at pearl harbor
what was the lend lease act this act permitted the president to send equipment to any nation in which the receipt of such equitment might be vital to american disease
what was mussolini's title II duce
who were the axis powers Japan, Italy, Germany
what country did hitler invade that turned out to be a misstake russia
who did hitler attack in 1941 after the fall of france britain
what two branches of the u.s. military suffered severe loss at pearl harbor? navy and airforce
who did hitler make a pact with joseph stalin
what country did hitler want poland
what happened on december 1941 pearl harbor
the presidents during ww2 were? franklin d. roosevelt & harry s. trumen
over __________ of our men were killed in the attack on our american ships and planes stationed in hawaii 2,000
what formed the axis powers? berlin, rome, & tokoyo agreement
adolf hitler gained germany's attention with his book mine kamef which means "my stuggle"
what were the 3 points of his book the organization of the nazi party denounced or rejected communism proposed a strong organized germany that would become a world power
what type of leader? fuhrer
what was the german empier called 3 reich
what type of government did benito mussolini have fascist
nationalism means? making your country great even if it is wrong
Japan had become ____________ and ___________ country industrial & military
what was trying to maintain a good relationship with the countries of latin america good neighbor policy
who was the prime minister of great britain during this time winston churchill
what were the two main aircrafts? yorktown and lexington
how many terms did fdr serve? 4
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