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Ch.32 Early Rome

History Alive! The Ancient World ©2004 TCI

What does the shape of Italy resemble? a boot
According to Roman myth, who founded Rome? twin brothers Romulus and Remus
Who was Romulus' and Remus' father? Mars
What did Romulus' and Remus' uncle order? to drown them in the Tiber River
Who saved Romulus and Remus? a wolf
What happened when Romulus and Remus quarreled over who would rule their settlement? Romulus killed Remus
Who were the first Romans? Latins
Where were the Latins from? Latium
When did the Latins build the village that became Rome? 700 B.C.E.
What was the hill upon which Rome was originally built? Palatine
How many hills are there in Rome? seven
What were the two cultures that most influenced Roman culture? Etruscan and Greek
Where were the Etruscans from? Etruria
What were the two most important structure the Romans borrowed from the Etruscans? the arch and the cuniculus
What holds an arch in place? the pressure of wedge-shaped stones and the keystone in the center
What was a cuniculus? a long underground trench
For what purposes was a cuniculus used? to carry water for domestic use, irrigation, and drainage
Who competed in Roman sports? slaves
What sports did the Romans adopt from Etruscans? slave fighting and chariot racing
Who were gladiators? slaves who fought to the death for public entertainment
What did the Romans use to build the Colosseum? concrete
How many people could the Circus Maximus seat? 200,000
What was the origin of the Roman alphabet? the Etruscan alphabet
What was the origin of the Etruscan alphabet? the Greek alphabet
What's the difference between how we write the word "Rome" and how the Romans wrote "Rome" the Romans used all capital letters
What is an "ostrakon"? a voting token
What did the Roman poet Virgil write about? the Trojan War
According to Virgil, who was the ancestor of the first Romans? the Trojan prince Aeneas
Why was Greek pottery valued throughout the Mediterranean world? for its usefulness and beauty
What were the two most common painting styles used by Greeks and Romans on their pottery? black figures on red clay; and red clay figures on black background
What kind of figures did Greek artists show? idealized humans and gods
What kind of figures did Roman artists show? lifelife portraits
What was the origin of many Roman religious rituals? Etruscan
What was the origin of Roman gods and goddesses? Greek
What was the Roman name for Zeus? Jupiter
What was the Roman name for Aphrodite? Venus
What was the Roman name for Aries? Mars
Created by: mushijima