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Sz Guidelines


Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 1: Stay with the person until the seizure ends naturally. Offer to call a taxi, friend or relative to help the person get home if he seems confused or unable to get home by himself.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 2: When the patient is in a safe position, remove as much excess secretion from the mouth as possible.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 3: Use an oral airway only if the patient is unable to maintain his/her own airway and there is no gag reflex (patient will gag on oral airway and vomit, increasing risk of aspiration).
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 4: Cover the patient to keep him/her warm and protect him/her from the embarrassment of incontinence. Be friendly and reassuring as consciousness returns.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 5: Seek help now if needed.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 6: Be conscious that the sense of hearing is the first to return. Speak quietly and calmly to the patient.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 7: Do not give the patient anything to eat or drink until he/she is fully awake.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 8: Anticipate medication orders.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 9: Monitor vital signs, including pulse oximetry.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 10: Keep the pt low.
Seizure Precautions - After a Sz 11: Continue to observe the patient, including frequent neurological checks.
Seizure Precautions - Post Sz Testing Protocol: 1. Point to the ceiling with both hands, 2. Ask what they are feeling, 3. Ask to remember “purple elephant” 4. Repeat: “I heard him speak on the radio last night.” 5. Show two fingers. 6. Tell me your name. 7. Ask “What did I tell you to remember?”
Updated Seizure Precautions - 1 Keep calm and reassure other people who may be nearby. Provide safety and privacy for the pt. Call for help when possible.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 2 Don't hold the person down or try to stop his movements. If seated when seizure occurs, lower to the floor and place in a side-lying position. Do not try to move the patient to another place.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 3 Time the seizure with your watch.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 4 Clear the area around the person of anything hard or sharp. Never forcefully turn neck or rigid extremity once the seizure starts.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 5 Loosen ties or anything around the neck that may make breathing difficult.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 6 If patient falls to the floor, protect the head with padding, e.g., blanket, pillows. Put something flat and soft, like a folded jacket, under the head.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 7 Turn him or her gently onto one side. This will help keep the airway clear.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 8 Do not try to force mouth open with any hard implement or fingers. It is not true that a person having a seizure can swallow his tongue. Efforts to hold the tongue down can cause injury.
Updated Seizure Precautions - 9 Don't attempt artificial respiration except in the unlikely event that a person does not start breathing again after the seizure stops.
Updated Seizure Precautions - When is an emergency room visit needed? Diabetes, Brain infections, Heat exhaustion, Pregnancy, Poisoning, Hypoglycemia, High fever, Head injury.
What are the two primary responsibilities of the EEG tech during a sz? Put the pt at ease and keep them from harming themselves.
Created by: kmburg5840
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