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Allergy Guidelines


Allergy & Sensitivity - Latex: May be present in packaging, even if the product itself doesn't contain this. According to OSHA, the use of powder-free gloves can to reduce the latex proteins into the air, decreasing the likelihood of reactions via the inhalation and dermal routes.
Allergy & Sensitivity - What are some symptoms of a latex allergy? Irritant contact dermatitis and severe reactions divided into Type I & IV hypersensitivity.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Type I Hypersensitivity: Immediate (more serious), by touch. Symptoms: redness, urticaria, itching under the glove. Severe generalized reactions include facial swelling, rhinitis, eye symptoms, scratchy throat, respiratory distress, bronchospasm, and, in rare cases, anaphylaxis.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Type IV Hypersensitivity: Delayed: Symptoms include: redness of the skin, raised rash, blistering, crusting, and horizontal cracks that may extend up the forearm.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Preventing Latex Allergy: Identify patients and caregivers at risk for latex sensitivity or latex allergy and use non-latex gloves. Post a sign that latex precautions are in effect.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Adhesives: The most common allergic reaction to a medical adhesive is a rash classified as contact dermatitis. Latex is a common cause of contact dermatitis, so medical adhesives no longer contain latex but allergy can still occur.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Adhesives & Symptoms: Can resemble a burn. May appear red and irritated with small bumps & itching, mild to severe. Severe: Painful blisters can break causing infection, generally limited to the area of contact.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Adhesives & Tx: Area should then be cleansed with a mild soap and water to remove any residual particles of adhesive. If the reaction is severe, OTC antihistamines and corticosteroid creams may be used for mild itching. If severe blistering, should eval for infection.
Allergy & Sensitivity - Adhesives & Prevention: Use specifically, paper tapes and hypoallergenic tapes. In the event that all types of medical adhesives cause a reaction, then self-adhering gauze should be used with the tape being placed on the gauze and not the skin.
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