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ABRET Guidelines


ABRET - Code Of Ethics 1: Do everything in his or her power to insure that the current Guidelines of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society are complied with in the department in which he or she works.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 2: Preserve human dignity, respect pt’s rights and support the well being of the pt under his or her care. The Registered or Certified person shall avoid discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, age and national origin.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 3: Appreciate the importance of thoroughness in the performance of duty, compassion with patients and the significance of the tasks he or she perform.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 4: Preserve the confidentiality of medical and personal information of a patient.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 5: Strive to remain abreast of current technology and to study and apply scientific advances in his or her specialty. Carry out their professional work in a competent and objective manner.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 6: Abide by laws related to the profession and to general public health and safety and avoid dishonest, unethical or illegal practices.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 7: Refuse primary responsibility for interpretation of testing or monitoring of studies for purposes of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Individuals who are licensed or otherwise authorized by practice standards to provide interpretation are excluded.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 8: Be truthful, forthcoming, and cooperative in their dealings with ABRET.
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 9: Be in continuous compliance with ABRET’s rules (as amended from time to time by ABRET).
ABRET - Code Of Ethics 10: Respect ABRET’s intellectual property rights.
ABRET - Violations to ABRET Code Of Ethics: Maintenance of board certification will require adherence to these and other ABRET rules. Individuals who fail to meet these requirements may have their certification suspended or revoked. ABRET does not guarantee the job performance of any individual.
ABRET - Reporting Requirements: Techs convicted of a felony must notify ABRET of and shall be ineligible to apply for registration, certification, or renewed registration for a period of three years from the exhaustion of appeals or final release from confinement, whichever is later.
ABRET - Grounds for Disciplinary Action include, but are not limited to: No certification, copying, disruption, fraud, fees, misuse of credentials, misrepresentation, no requested info, no inform of changes, substance abuse, malpractice, no safety, credential dates, felony, continuous compliance.
ABRET - Sanctions: Denial or suspension of eligibility; Denial of certification; Revocation of certification; Non-renewal of certification; Suspension of certification for a specific period of time; Reprimand; Probation; or Other corrective action.
ABRET - Appeal: Candidates or certificants may appeal the decision of the Discipline Committee to ABRET Board of Directors by submitting written statement within 30 days. It is the candidate’s responsibility to initiate this appeal in accordance with ABRET’s policies.
ABRET - Ethics & Disciplinary Committee: Responsible for oversight of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which protect the public. Assesses formal complaints and oversees the disciplinary for ABRET. Has jurisdiction over all ABRET techs, both current and prospective.
ABRET - Summary of the violations that have been reported and decided by Ethics & Disciplinary Committee: Falsification of credentials, Unprofessional behavior, Provided false information on their application, Found guilty of sexual misconduct, Misuse of ABRET trademarks, Reports of cheating.
What is American Electroencephalographic Society (AEEGS)? The formation of a national society for EEG technicians.
What is American Board of Registration of EEG Technologists (ABRET)? In conjunction with the AEEGS a committee was formed to set up an examination board.
What is American Society of EEG Technologists (ASET) - aka The Neurodiagnostic Society? The largest national professional association for those involved in study and recording of electrical activity of the nervous system. Organized in 1959. Members include techs, students, physicians and institutions involved in EEG, EP, polysomnography.
Created by: kmburg5840
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