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MA 70 Chapt 11

The Eye And Ear Combining Forms, Suffixes, Prefixes and Abbreviations

ambly/o dull, dim
aden/o gland
aque/o water
blephar/o eyelid
choroid/o uve/o choroid,the vascular layer of the eye between the sclera and the retina
chrom/o color
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
cor/o core/o pupil
corne/o cornea
cycl/o ciliary muscle
dacry/o tear, tear duct
dipl/o double
emmetr/o equivalent to
es/o inner
ex/o outer
glauc/o gray
ir/o irid/o iris
kerat/o cornea
lacrim/o tears
mi/o less, fewer, smaller
ocul/o ophthalm/o eye
opt/o optic/o eye, vision
-opia -ops -opsia vision
nyctal/o noct/o night
papill/o optic disk
phac/o lens
phot/o light
presby/o old age
pupill/o pupil
retin/o retina
scler/o sclera
vitre/o glassy
-metrist one who measures
-tropia to turn
acous/o audi/o audit/o hearing
aur/o auricul/o ear
cerumin/o cerumen (ear wax)
cochle/o cochlea
labyrinth/o labyrinth (inner ear)
myring/o eardrum
ot/o ear
salping/o eustachian tube
staped/o stapes
tympan/o eardrum, middle ear
-acusis -cusis hearing
-otia ear condition
blepharitis eyelid inflammation
blepharectomy excision of all or part of the eyelid
blepharoplasty surgical repair of eyelid
blepharoplegia paralysis of one or both eyelids
blepharoptosis drooping eyelid
blepharospasm twitching eyelid muscle
blepharotomy incision of the eyelid
choroiditis inflammation of the choroid layer of the eye
choroidopathy disease of the choroid layer of the eye
conjunctivitis conjunctiva inflammation (pink eye)
anisocoria unequal sized pupils
coreometer pupillometer instrument to measure the diameter or width of the pupils
corneal pertaining to cornea
corneitis inflammation of the cornea
cycloplegia paralysis of ciliary body
dacryoadenalgia pain in the lacrimal gland
dacryoadenitis inflammation of the lacrimal gland
dacryocystitis tear sac (bladder) inflammation
dacryorrhea flow of tears
diplopia double vision
iritis iris inflammation
iridal pertaining to iris
iridectomy removal of iris
iridoplegia paralysis of iris
keratitis cornea inflammation
keratometer instrument to measure (curve of ) cornea
keratotomy incision into cornea
keratoplasty surgical repair of a cornea
keratorrhexis rupture of the cornea due to trauma or ulcer
lacrimal pertaining to tears
ocular pertaining to eye
intraocular pertaining to within eye
ophthalmalgia eye pain
ophthalmic pertaining to eye
ophthalmologist specialist in eye
ophthalmoplegia eye paralysis
ophthalmoscope instrument to view inside eye
ophthalmoscopy visual examination of the inside of an eye
optic pertaining to eye or vision
optometer instrument to measure vision
optometrist one who measures vision
pupillary pertaining to pupil
retinal pertaining to retina
retinopathy retina disease
retinopexy surgical fixation of retina
scleral pertaining to sclera
sclerotomy incision into the sclera
scleritis inflammation of the sclera
uveitis inflammation of choroid
heteropsia unequal vision in both eyes
microtia abnormally small ears
macrotia abnormally large ears
hypertropia permanent upward turning of the eyes
Emmetropia (EM) state of normal vision
legally blind person with severely impaired vision
nyctalopia difficulty seeing in dim light
ophthalmology branch of medicine involving diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of eye and surrounding structures
ophthalmologist specialist in the branch of medicine involving diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of the eye and surrounding structures
optician specialist in grinding corrective lenses
optometry medical profession specializing in examining eyes, testing visual acuity, and prescribing corrective lenses
optometrist specialist in examining eyes, testing visual acuity and prescribing corrective lenses
presbyopia visual loss due to old age; resulting in difficulty focusing on near objects
xerophthalmia dry eyes
amblyopia loss of vision where the eyes are not seeing the same
achromatopsia color blindness
astigmatism (Astigmia) abnormal curvature of cornea
cataract damage to lens causing it to become opaque or cloudy
erythropia objects appear red
glaucoma increase intraocular pressure
hyperopia farsightedness: person can see things in distance but has trouble reading material at close range
macular degeneration deterioration of macular area of retina of eye
myopia (MY) nearsightedness: person can see things close up but distance vision is blurred
xanthopia objects appear yellow
esotropia (ST) inward turning of eye; also called cross-eyed
exotropia (XT) outward turning of eye
strabismus eye muscle weakness commonly seen in children resulting in eyes looking in different directions at same time
phacoemulsification high-frequency sound waves to emulsify (liquefy) lens with cataract, which is then aspirated (removed by suction) with needle
acoustic pertaining to hearing, perception of sound
audiometer instrument to measure hearing
audiologist hearing specialist
auditory pertaining to hearing
aural pertaining to ear
auricular pertaining to ear
cochlear pertaining to cochlea
labyrinthectomy removal of labyrinth
labyrinthotomy incision into labyrinth
myringitis eardrum inflammation
myringectomy removal of eardrum
myringotomy incision into the eardrum
otalgia otodynia ear pain
otic pertaining to ear
otitis ear inflammation
otologist ear specialist
otoplasty surgical repair of the ear
otopyorrhea pus discharge from ear
otorrhagia bleeding from ear
otosclerosis hardening of the inner ear
otoscope instrument to view inside ear
salpingitis eustachian tube inflammation
salpingotomy incision into eustachian tube
tympanic pertaining to eardrum
tympanitis eardrum inflammation
tympanometer instrument to measure eardrum
tympanotomy incision of the eardrum
binaural referring to both ears
monaural referring to one ear
otorhinolaryngology (ENT) branch of medicine involving diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of ear, nose, and throat
otorhinolaryngologist physician specialist of ears, nose and throat
presbycusis normal loss of hearing that can accompany aging process
tinnitus ringing in ears
vertigo dizziness
anacusis total absence of hearing; inability to perceive sound; also called deafness
Deafness inability to hear or having some degree of hearing impairment
ceruminoma excessive accumulation of ear wax; results in hard wax plug
otitis media (OM) commonly referred to as middle ear infection
labyrinthitis affects both hearing and equilibrium portions of inner ear; also called inner ear infection
audiometry test of hearing ability by determining lowest and highest intensity (decibels) and frequencies (hertz) that person can distinguish
cochlear implant mechanical device surgically placed under skin behind outer ear; converts sound signals into magnetic impulses to stimulate auditory nerve
myringotomy surgical puncture of eardrum with removal of fluid and pus from middle ear
ARMD age-related macular degeneration
Ast astigmatism
D diopter (lens strength)
EENT eye, ear, nose, and throat
EM emmetropia
IOP intraocular pressure
PERRLA pupils equal, round, react to light and accommodation
ST esotropia
XT exotropia
ASL American Sign Language
dB decibel
HEENT head, ears, eyes, nose, throat
ENT Ear, nose and throat
Hz hertz
OM otitis media
uveitis inflammation of choroid
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