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cccs computers

2nd semester computer finals

Gross Income Total income before taxes are taken out
Net Income Total income after taxes are taken out
Credit Score A standardized measurement of a potential to repay debt. You want a High Score.
Interest Rate The percentage you are charged on the balance of your credit card. You want a Low Interest Rate.
Budget A careful plan for spending or saving money received within a certain amount of time
Credit Card A card that allows users to make purchases through a limited personal loan with the expectation that the money will be repaid at a later date.
Debt Owing money for items or services purchased on credit.
Skills A person's talents or abilities.
Insurance A contract that protects a person against loss, damage, or injury.
Word Art Will add a design element to text like shadows, shapes, color, etc.
New Slide Will create a new slide to add to your presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint Used to create presentations with information, pictures, animation, etc.
Design Applies a chosen design theme to your slides (background font color, text color, etc)
Hyperlinks Creates a link that will take you directly to a selected website or document.
Bullet Points A dot that appears in the beginning line of a list.
Animation and Slide Transitions Used to add movement to pictures, text, and to add movement between slides.
Font Changes how your text will look/style of your text on a word document.
Bold It will make the text appear larger and stand out.
Italics It will make the text slant/bend to the side
Text Size Determines how large/small your text will be
Spell Check Checks the grammar and spelling of what your have typed out.
Underline All text will have a line appear below it.
Center Alignment It will make all the text appear in the center of the "line" (center of the page)
Microsoft Word Used to create written documents, though pictures, art, charts, etc can be added to it.
Created by: kmccormick99
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