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History - WW I

Vocabulary Words on WW I

Militarism The glorification of armed strength
Alliances When countries join together to work against a common enemy.
Imperialism Empire building
Nationalism Pride in your nation
Propaganda One sided information
The Black Hand Secret organization of Slavic terrorist.
Garvilo Princip Member of the Black hand who Shot and killed Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia starting a chain of events that lead to WW I
Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
New Weapons on Land in WW I Tanks Gas and Machine Guns
New Weapons in the air during WW I Planes and Blimps
New Weapon in the sea during WW I Subs or U-boats
War Posters Cheap fast way to get information out during the wars using propaganda.
Woodrow Wilson President during WW I who introduced the 14 points of light and the League of Nations,
Reparations War debt
Central Powers Germany and Austria-Hungary
Allied Powers Britain, France and Russia
Total War When all aspects of society are involved in the war.
Armistice Peace agreement
Lenin Leader of the Russian Revolution with the slogan Land, Peace and Bread.
The Treaty of Versailles Peace treaty to end WW I
Abdicate Give up the throne.
Aggressor Some one who makes an unprovoked attacked.
No mans land The area bettween trenches.
Annex To take over.
Convoy Grouping of 40 or 50 ships around the large suply ship to protect it from u-boat attacks.
Sarajevo Capital of Bosnia.
Wesrern Front France
Lusitania Ship sank by German U-boats killing innocent americans and launching us into WW I.
Created by: clubduke