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clinical 1

ch 36 communicable diseases

Direct contact transmission for AIDS anal/vaginal intercourse;sharing IV drug needles;childbirth;blood to blood
Indirect contact transmission of AIDS blood transfusions
Means of transmission for chicken pox droplet or airborne secretions
chickenpox aka varicella zoster
common cold means of transmission direct contact with infected person and indirect contact with airborne secretions
common cold aka upper respiratory infection(URI)
conjunctivitis/pink eye direct contact with eye discharge indirect contact with upper respiratory tract
Head lice direct contact with infected person
haemophilus influenza(H-flu) indirect contact and droplet infection from respiratory tract
hepatitis A direct contact or fecal contaminated water or food
hepatitis B contact with infected blood;semen;body fluids
hepatitis C contact with infected blood
Herpes simplex virus direct contact with infected person
herpes simplex virus aka cold sores;fever blisters
impetigo direct contact with draining sores
influenza direct and indirect conatact and airborne secretions
treatment for influenza bedrest;increased fluid intake;antipyretics
measeles direct contact with respiratory droplets
bacterial meningitis direct contact and dropelet infection from respiratory tract
viral meningitis direct contact;fecal-oral route;respiratory secretions
MRSA direct or indirect contact; skin to skin or shared items such as towels;razors;bandages
pinowrms direct transfer of eggs from anus to mouth;indirect contact with eggs in bedding and clothing
scabies direct or indirect contact with infested bedding or clothing
strep throat direct contact with infected person
presents as painful blisters on lips which turn pustular and then scab over cold sores
cold sores aka herpes simplex virus
skin infection tht may look like pimples or boils and can be red,swollen,painful and full of pus MRSA
Created by: clarevoyant1019
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