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Joint Terms

Terminology of the joints

articulation any joint
bursa sac of fluid near a joint; promotes smooth sliding of one tissue against another
ligament connective tissue binding bones to other bones; supports, strengthens, and stabilizes the joints
suture joint joint in which apposed surfaces are closely united; motion in minimal
synovial cavity space between bones at a synovial joint; contains synovial fluid produced by the synovial membrane
synovial fluid viscous (sticky) fluid within the synovial cavity. similar in viscosity to egg white
synovial joint a freely movable joint
synovial membrane membrane lining the synovial cavity; it produces synovial fluid
tendon connective tissue that binds muscles to bones
arthritis inflammation of joints
ankylosing spodylitis chronic, progressive arthritis with stiffening of joints, primarily of the spine
gouty arthritis inflammation and painful swelling of joints caused by excessive uric acid in the body
osteoarthritis (OA) progressive, degenerative joint disease charecterized by loss of articular cartilage and hypertrophy of bone (formation of osteophytes, or bone spurs) at articular surfaces
rheumatoid arthritis (RA) chronic disease in which joints become inflamed and painful. it is believed to be caused by an immune (autoimmune) reaction against joint tissues, particularly against the synovial membrane
bunion abnormal swelling of the medial aspect of the joint between the big tow and the first metatarsal bone
carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) compression (by a wrist ligament) of the median nerve as it passes between the legament and the bones and tendons of the wrist
dislocation displacement of a bone from its joint
ganglion a fluid-filled cyst arising from the joint capsule or a tendon in the wrist
herniation of an intervertebral disk (disc) abnormal protrusion of a fibrocartilaginous intervertebral disk into the neural canal or spinal nerves
lyme disease a recurrent disorder marked by severe arthritis, myalgia, malaise, and neurologic and cardiac symptoms
sprain trauma to a joint with, swelling, and injury to ligaments
systemic lupus erythematosus chronic inflammatory disease involving joints, skin, kidneys, nervous system, heart, and lungs
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