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Important Events

Peace of Augsburg 1555 ended religious war between catholics and lutherans in german states. prices given right the decide religion in state
Council of Trent 1545 reformed catholic church: seven sacrements, forbade clerical marriage, papacy center of Christianity
Edict of Nantes 1598 religious toleration to French Protestants
Peace of Westphalia 1648 ended 30 year's war. recognized calvinists
Peace of Utrecht 1713 ended Louis 14 attempts to dominate europe. forbade the union of spain and france under the same monarch
Pragmatic Sanction 1713 guaranteed the succession of Maria Theresa to Habsburg throne
Berlin Conference 1884 rules for dividing Africa by Bismarck
Treaty of Versailles 1919 forced germany a war-guilt and payments of war reparations. divided Austria-Hungary, created the league of nations to settle disputes
The Congress of Vienna 1815 kept france form shifting the balance of power. return to the previous borders. underestimated the nationalist calls by the French Rev, a balance of power until 1848
Kellogg-briand pact 1928 outlawed war as a national policy
Munich Conference 1938 Sudetenland to Hitler, british policy of appeasement
Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact 1939 agreement between hitler and stalin. the promise to remain neutral if the other becomes involved in war. division of eastern Europe between German and Soviet zones
North Atlantic Pact (NATO) 1949 Truman doctrine of containment. establishment of NATO for a defense system of its members
Treaty of Romes 1957 European Economic Community (EEC) the common market
Maastricht treaty 1991 European Union, largest economic market, central bank
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