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Mussolini (ITALY) outlawed all other political parties, propaganda encouraged Italians to accept his leadership, outlawed stikes and unions
Hitler (GERMANY) anti-semitism, gestapo secret police, controlled media, munich conference, spanish civil war
Lenin (Russia) New Economic policy- comprimise with capitalism, small businesses taken, allowed free markets for agricultural products. control of large industries like steel and oil
Stalin five year plans (New Economic policy, socialist command economy, rapid development of heavy industries, collectivized agriculture)
The Great Terror trails to eliminate the old bolsheviks. extended to army officers, party members, citizens
Brenzhnev de-stalinization, sputnik, the berlin wall, cuban missile crisis,
Gorbachev blamed the poor living conditions on the political system and economy. launched reforms
Glasnost openness of media
Perestroika economic restructuring to revitalize soviet economy
Demokratizatsiya losen the communist party grip on society. democratization election for a new legislature.
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