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Before/ During

Three Emperor's League Germany, Austria, Russia
The Triple Alliance Itlay, Austria, Germany
The Triple Entente 1914 Russia, England, France
MAIN Militarism (arms race), Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
William II forced Bismark to resign, attempt at hurting Britain economically, the lapse in alliances
Balkan Power Keg the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the united pan-slavic movement
Archduke Francis Ferdinand the heir to the austrian throne, assasinated by Gavrilo Princip
Schlieffen Plan an all out attack on France. the gamble that France would be knocked out before Russia mobilized. Neutral Belgium resisted the lightning attack. Britain declared war.
stalemate schlieffen plan failed. a system of trenches that lasted 4 years
total war control of news and propaganda to rally hatred towards enemy. human and industrial resources went to war
all quiet on the western front Erich Maria Remarque. described the suffering and deaths of soldiers on the Western Front
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