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French Revolution


Estates General clergy, nobles, 95% of the population
Tennis Court Oath 1789Abbe Siyes, 3rd estate rejected method of voting. declared itself the National Assembly of France. took an oath not to disband until a drafted constitution was made
Storming of the Bastille protested the price of bread. stormed the bastille a fortress and prison
Declaration of the Rights if Man and citizen all men were born and remain free and equal in rights. included rights to liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression. Freedom of religion, speech, press, and petition the gov't
Women's Rights increased rights to inherit property and divorce, did not gain right to vote
National Assembly 1789-1791 GREAT FEAR. constitutional monarchy,m divided France 89 departments, metric system of measurement, abolish internal tarrifs, abolish guilds. DID NOT: abolish private property or give women suffrage rights
Legislative Assembly 1791-1792 KING ESCAPES FRANCE, FRANCE GOES TO WAR AGAINST EUROPE. Conservatives supported the King, Moderates, Radicals wanted revolution
Jacobins wanted to overthrow the monarh and create republic (Danton and Robespierre).
Girondists involve France in a war to discredit the monarchy and spread rev. ideas
National Convention 1792-1795 committii of public safety led to reign of terror
Directory 1795-1799 The White Terror, the death of Robsppiere
Napoleon values of enlightenment: all men created equally, rationalism, reason, perfect society, merit ideas, international unity, French Rev, universal monarch, neoclassical Roman republic values and styles
Napoleon's domestic policy 1801 Concordat with the Pope, Napoleonic code (codes of law, state supported education system), Merit system (relatives on conquered thrones), lowered taxes on farmers
Napoleon's foreign policy attempt at conquering Russia (lost military with scorched earth and cold winter)
Failure of Napoleon could not change society top down, the ppl turned against him, he became a hypocrite turned against own ideas and values, became an emperor
Battle of Leipzig 1813 Napoleon was defeated. Retired to the island of Elba. Louis 18th crowned king of France
Battle of Waterloo Napoleon imprisoned at island of st. Helena
Concert of Europe England, Russia, Prussia, France, and Austria
Congress of Vienna Metternich (Austria), Alexander I (Russia), Hardenburg (Prussia), Talleyrand (France)
Hardenburg (Prussia) "we are the victors" France was a problem, solution to split France between the victors
Talleyrand (France) ^ not good for the balance of power. need a strong France to balance the other nations against a universal monarchy
Metternich (Austria) peace, stablility, maintain independence. Balance of power: anti-Napoleon, universal monarch. Legitimacy: reverse to the 17th century
First Republic
Second Republic
Third Republic
Fourth Republic
Fifth Republic (De Gaulle) the fight or Algeria, with drawl of French military forces from NATO, nuclear weapons
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