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War of Austrian Succession guaranteed Maria Theresa's inheritance of Habsburg throne, ignored by Fredrick the Great
Count Kaunitz coalition between France, Austria, and Russia. Marriage of Marie Antoinette and Louis 16th
Enlightened Despotism power for good of the people, promote religious toleration, reform legal codes, support education
Catherine the Great Reforms restricted torture, limited religious tol. of jews, draft a new enlightened law code
Pugachev's rebellion uprising of serfs. to prevent future uprisings, gave nobles privileges and absolute power over estates + serfs
Russia's territorial expansion from Poland and Ottoman Empire, Crimean Peninsula, parts of the Black Sea. Prussia, Austria, Russia annexed Polish territory
Fredrick the Great supported scientific agriculture, unified national code of law, abolish use of torture, encouragement of immigration of Huguenots and Jews. strengthened Junker's privileges over serfs.
Joseph II abolished serfdom and forced labor, religious toleration for all Christians and Jews, reduced influence of Church, reformed judicial system. opposed by nobles. Leopold II repealed Joseph;s reforms
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