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MIddle Ages

High Middle Ages - 1000 - 1300

Which Norman conquered England in 1066? William I (the Conqueror)
William I gathered information about England in a book called: Doomesday Book
The crusades were fought against which people? Seljuk Turks
What does the word crusade mean - why was it fought? War of the Cross - to free the Holy Land from the Turks
How many crusades were there? Nine
Who called the 1st crusade? Pope Urban II
Who asked for help to fight the Turks? The Byzantine emperor
In 1054 the Christian Church splits into these two churches. Orthodox Church (East), Catholic Church (West)
Which was the only crusade that was won by the Christians? the First
Name three kings that went on the Third Crusade and where they were from. Richard I (Lionheart)-England Frederick Barbarossa - Germany Phillip II - France
Which French king and his wife went on the Second Crusade? King Louis and Queen Eleanor
In what crusade did Peter the Hermit lead a group of people? First Crusade
What is the name of the churches that began to be built in the 12th century? cathedrals
What was the old style called, what the new style of building called? romanesque / gothic
Name three characteristics of gothic architecture arches, flying buttresses, many windows, rose windows, vaulted ceilings
Which system developed in the Middle Ages The Feudal System
What were the two most powerful groups in the Middle Ages The Kings and the Church
Who lived in China for 20 years and wrote a book about his adventures? Marco Polo
Name two kings and where they came from who had problems with the church. Henry IV of Germany and Henry II of England
What three actions could that church take that made it so powerful? excommunication, interdiction, inquisition
Name the bishop who was killed by Henry II's men. Thomas Beckett
The barons of England made this king sign an important legal document. What is the name of the king? King John (brother of Richard I Lionheart)
What was the name of the document? Magna Carta
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