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MA 70 Module 14 word

Musculoskeletal Medical Terms

arthralgia joint pain
arthrocentesis surgical puncture to withdraw fluid from a joint
arthrodesis fusion of a joint
arthrodynia joint pain
arthritis joint inflammation
arthrotomy incision of a joint
arthroscope instrument to exam the inside of a joint
amphiarthrosis a joint providing only slight movement, as in the vertebrae
diarthrosis another term for synovial joint, joint that has a a synovial capsule surrounding it
synarthrosis immovable joints (naturally fused)
burs/o bursa/bursae, a sac or sac like structure to lesson friction in movement of a joint
bursectomy removal of bursa
cephalgia cephalalgia cephalodynia headache
chondroma tumor of cartilaginous tissue
chondromalacia cartilage softening
chondroplasty surgical repair of cartilage
craniotomy incision into skull
cranium skull
distal away from the point of origin
myeloma bone marrow tumor
ostealgia bone pain
osteoclasis to surgically break bone
osteoclast 1. multinucleated cell that dissolves old bone tissue 2. instrument to break bones
osteocyte bone cell
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone and bone marrow
osteopathy bone disease
periosteum membrane that surrounds the bone
proximal close to the point of origin or attachment
radius lower arm bone on the thumb side
radiologist one who specializes in the study of x-ray technology
radiograph x-ray machine
radiography the process of taking an x-ray
radiogram an x-ray
synovitis inflammation of synovial membrane
iliac pertaining to the ilium
carpal pertaining to the carpus
cervical pertaining to the neck
costal pertaining to the rib
cranial pertaining to the cranium
femoral pertaining to the femur
humeral pertaining to the humerus
ischial pertaining to the ischium
metacarpal pertaining to the metacarpus
metatarsal pertaining to the metatarsus
radial pertaining to the radius
sacral pertaining to the sacrum
sternal pertaining to the sternum
tibial pertaining to the tibia
clavicular pertaining to the clavicle
fibular pertaining to the fibula
lumbar pertaining to the low back
mandibular pertaining to the mandible
patellar pertaining to the patella
scapular pertaining to the scapula
ulnar pertaining to the ulna
maxillary pertaining to the maxilla
coccygeal pertaining to the coccyx
phalangeal pertaining to the phalanges
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis
pubic pertaining to the pubis
fasciitis inflammation of fascia
kinesiology study of movement
muscular pertaining to muscles
myalgia muscle pain
myasthenia muscle weakness
myocardial pertaining to heart muscle
myopathy muscle disease
myoplasty surgical repair of muscle
myorrhaphy suture a muscle
myorrhexis muscle rupture
tenodynia tendon pain
tendoplasty surgical repair of tendon
tendinitis inflammation of tendon
bradykinesia slow movement
dyskinesia difficult or painful movement
atonia lack of tone
kyphosis abnormal increase in the outward curvature of the thoracic spine; hunchback or humpback
lordosis increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine; swayback
orthopedics branch of medicine specializing in diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the musculoskeletal system
orthotic brace or splint to correct or prevent deformities
orthotist specialist in fitting orthotics
prosthesis artificial body part
prosthetics profession specializing in making artificial body parts
prosthetist specialist in making and fitting prosthetics
adhesion scar tissue in fascia connecting tissue that is normally separate
atrophy muscle wasting due to lack of use,poor development or disease
hypertrophy increase in muscle bulk
spasm sudden, involuntary muscle contractions
osteomalacia softening of bones caused by deficiency of calcium; in children cause is insufficient sunlight and vitamin D
osteoporosis decrease in bone mass
rickets deficiency in calcium and vitamin D found in early childhood; results in bone deformities, especially bowed legs
ankylosing spondylitis inflammatory spinal condition; resembles rheumatoid arthritis; gradual stiffening and fusion of vertebrae
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature of spine
sprain damage to ligaments surrounding joint due to overstretching
abduction Movement away from midline
adduction movement toward the midline
flexion act of bending, or lessening the angle of a joint
extension movement brings a limb to being straight, increasing the angle of a joint
circumduction movement in circular direction from a central point
strain damage to muscle, tendons or ligaments from over stretching or overuse
arthroscopy examination of interior of joint with an arthroscope to view internal structure
arthroscopic surgery performing surgical procedure while using arthroscope to view internal structures of a joint
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