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NCFE review terms

vocabulary for the year-41 terms

Hypothesis an educated guess
Qualitative observation quality of material like color,used in senses
quantitative observation the number of material
procedure order of experiment, steps
independent variable does not depend an any thing;like
dependent variable depends on a factor of change
constant a steady value;state
purpose an explanation to lab;experiment..
results of data conclusion of findings
inner core solid ;made of nickel & iron;1220km thick;temperature-6600 celsius
outer core mainly liquid;& iron;
asthenosphere under lithosphere; sofer layer
lithosphere top layer under crust; rigid layer
divergent boundary boundary that divides at plate zones ; like at a rift valley ;mid-Atlantic ridge
convergent boundary boundary that comes together at a zone like forming mountains;plates moved together
transform boundary where plates scrape past each other; like san andreas fault
rift valley a rip or move apart in a zone; like great arift valley in africa
hot spot zone where magma is stored to moved up volcano so as plates move the spot is closed off
tectonic plate plates that are divided to form earth;7major 30+/-minor
theory of plate tectonics a theory that states that earth has plates that support continents as they float
continental drift hypothesis by alfred wagner that continents moved apart due to evidence found
pangaea a single landmass back 250 mya+/-
mid-ocean ridge a ridge mid ocean that goes around earth like a division
convection hot moving currents with heat that encompass the earth; the cause of motion
fault a break in the earth that can build mountains; due to stress
stress a tension that builds in earth that can result in earquakes; tensions-like shearing compression
earthquake a sismic vibration in the earth that causes certain motion; can be scales like on richter, mercalli
epicenter the center of the earthquake on the surface of earth; can be measured by 3 seimograph stations
focus the place in earth of the earthquake that is directly below the epicenter
seismograph a machine that measure the intensity of a quake ; for the P,S,L waves
Richter scale a scale that measure how strong a quake was 1-10( most intense
volcano an opening in the earth that moves material to surface and produces, lava
geyser flowing water opening from under the earth thru that flow onto surface like a fountain
subduction where one plate subducts;goes under anothe plate
continental-continental collision when 2 continents collide into each other to form mountains,
oceanic-oceanic collision when 2 oceanic plates collide into each other and create coastal mts,
aftershock when initial earthquakes motion ;seismic waves happen ; is the damage caused after 1st motion
liquefaction when shaking of ground turns soil into liquid ; flows like water
tsunmani and underground earthquake; usually happens in ocean ;also called a habor wave
folded mountain mountains formed that fold together like
mantle composed of Fe & Mg silicates; thick layer closet to crust
lower mantle 2300km thick;dense layer due to pressure
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