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Nation States

16th & 17th century

Prince Henry the Navigator explored South America. Diaz, de Gama, Cabral led trading posts in India
Cortes conquered Aztec and Incan empires
Ivan the Terrible expanded Russian land and limited the power of the nobles. A time of Troubles left Russian w/ out an heir. Romanov dynasty established
Peter the Great powerful army and education system. westernization of Russia. capital St. Petersburg
Fredrick William
Edict of Nantes Henry 4th religious tolerance towards French Huggonots
Cardinal Richelieu Louis 13 France- centrialized the government with increased tax base, strengthened military, diminished nobility's power and strengthened absolutism
Cardinal Masarin Louis 14 "The Sun King""I am the state" France- protected the king from nobles with support from bourgeoisie and peasants
Devine Right placed on the throne by GOd. have no owed authority to anyone
Elizabeth I Act of Supremacy and Uniformity
The Glorious Revolution James II removed, William of Orange and Mary crowned. signed the Declaration of Rights
War of Spanish Succession French threat towards the balance of power. the Grand alliance of the major states in western Europe against the union of French and Spanish thrones
Treaty of Utrecht 1713 Ended war of spanish succession and restored the balance of power
James I "The true law of Free monarchy"
Charles I
Oliver Cromwell puritan leader of parliament. england became a republic w/ the death of Charles I
Charles II
James II
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