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Martin Luther 95 Thesis opposed indulgencesSalvation by faith alone, the bible the ultimate authority, the Grace of God (no indulgences/ confessions), only babtism and communion needed. The nobility.
The diet of Worms 1521 Pope Leo X. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Protected by Fredrick the wise, Elector of Saxony
The League of Schmalkalden 1531 Protestant princewsw united against the Holy Roman Emperor
Act of Supremacy Made Henry 8 head of the Anglican Church and clergy. Named "Protector of the Faith". Divorced Catherin of Aragon (Aunt of HRE Charles V)
John Calvin Accepted Luther's ideas. Predestination- God knowns who will be saved or damned. Democratic system of election. Shown through wealth. The middle class.
Calvinists Scottish Presbyterians, French Huguenots, English Puritans
Ignatius Loyola Jesuits: society of Jesus order organized to suppress protestantism. advisors to catholic kings, inguisition, catholic schools, missionaries
Council of Trent Salvation by good works and faith, 7 sacraments, bible religious authority guideance of the church.
Anabaptism lower class in 16th century Germany
Peace of Augsburg 1555 German princes choose religion of subjects between Lutheranism and Catholicism
30 years' war 1618-1648 In Germany catholics vs. protestants. german princes wanted freedom from HRE, France limited the Hapsburg power.
Peace of Westphalia 1648 Ended the 30 year's war. Like the peace of Augsburg w/ Calvinism . limited prower of HRE
Women Rose in status. Luther and potestants preached merit in all. Ministers allowed to marry. Minority religions wer still not tolerate. extermination of Anabaptists.
Boroque showed the beauty in movement. French, Italian, Dutch attention to detail. influenced by Protestantism. The French used dark images of power towards Louis 14th.
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