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Integumentary Term


epi- above, upon
hyper- excessive
sub- below, under
intra- in, within
hypo- deficiency of
an- without
inter- between
peri- around
homo- same
-cyte cell
-derma skin
-gram record, writing
-graph instrument for recording
-ologist specialist of
-ology study of
-therapy treatment
aden/o gland
dermat/o skin
kerat/o horny tissue; hard
mast/o breast
onych/o nail
squam/o scale
ungu/o nail
adip/o fat
derm/o skin
lact/o milk
melan/o black
pil/o hair
steat/o fat
thel/o nipple
xen/o foreign, strange
crypt/o hidden
hidr/o sweat
lip/o fat
myc/o fungus
seb/o sebum, sebaceous
trich/o hair
xanth/o yellow
cutane/o skin
ichthy/o dry, scaly
mamm/o breast
nid/o nest
scler/o hardening
sudor/o sweat
xer/o dry
-tomy process of cutting/incision
-tome instrument to cut
-scopy process of viewing/examination
-scope instrument to view
-metry process of measuring
-meter instrument to measure
-graphy process of recording
-graph instrument to record
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhexis rupture
-rrhagia bursting forth
-rrhea discharge
-pathy disease
-osis/-iasis abnormal condition
-ism condition/state of
meta- change
morph/o shape
cele- hernia, swelling
-oma tumour
-ectomy surgical removal/excision
-otomy/-tomy incision into
-plasia pertaining to formation
-plasm growth
-oid resembling
hist/o tissue
-centesis surgical puncture
-desis fixation (bones/joints)
-pexy fixation (organ)
-penia deficiency of
dermabrasion pertaining to skin SCRAPING
-stomy formation of an opening
poikil/o irregular
gynecomastia pertaining to female breast
-dynia painful
aut/o self
-graft transplantation
-lytics/-lysis destruction
cheil/o lips
ne/o new
-plasm growth
erythr/o red
micro- small
macro- large
-genesis formation
hyperhidrosis excessive sweating
IV intravenous
CM centimeter
IMP impression
stat immediately
decub decubitus (bedsore)(ulcer)
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
I+D incision + drainage
FS frozen section
ID intradermal
UV ultraviolet
Bx biopsy
TMN tumour node metastasis
derm dermatology
ER emergency room
subcu subcutaneous
XP xeroderma pigmentosa
BCC basal cell carcinoma
ung ointment
CA cancer
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