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Unit 7


absorption movement of nutrients from one layer to another
anastomosis connecting two tubular structures
amylase enzyme that breaks down starch
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
atresia closed ducts or tubes
bariatrics specialty that treats obesity
cathartic agent that relieves constipation
cheiloplasty surgical repair of the lips
cheilostomatoplasty repair of the lips and mouth
cheilotomy incision into the lips
cholangiopancreatography process of taking x-ray of the biliary and pancreatic ducts using contrast media
cholecystograph x-ray picture of the gallbladder
cirrhosis chronic liver disease causing loss of liver function and resistance to blood flow through the liver. Etiology may include poor nutrition, alcoholism, previous hepatitis
colic pertaining to the colon
colocentesis surgical puncture of the colon to remove fluid
coloclysis irrigation of the colon
colopexy surgical fixation of the colon
coloptosis prolapsed colon
colorectal pertaining to the colon and rectum
colostomy making a new opening into the colon
constipation hard stool, infrequent bowel movements
divericulitis inflammation of diverticula of the intestine
digestion breaking down of food
defecation expelling feces
diverticulosis condition of having diverticula
dysentery inflammation of the intestine, pain, diarrhea
enterectasia stretching of the intestine
enteritis inflammation of the intestine
enterocele intestinal hernia
enterocentesis surgical puncture of the intestine to remove fluid
enteroclysis irrigation of the intestine
enteroplegia paralysis of the intestine
enteroptosis prolapse of the intestine
enterorrhagia hemorrhage of the intestine
enteroscope instrument for examining the intestine
epigastric upon the stomach
esophageal pertaining to the esophagus
esophagoduodenostomy anastomosis between the esophagus and duodenum
esophagostenosis narrowing of the esophagus
feces stool, solid waste
gastrectasia dilatation of the stomach
gastric pertaining to the stomach
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
gastroclysis irrigation of the stomach
gastroenteric pertaining to the stomach and the intestine
gastroenterology the study if disease of the stomach and intestine
gastroenteroptosis prolapse of stomach and intestine
gastrorrhagia hemorrhage of the stomach
gingival pertaining to the gums
gingivalgia gum pain
gingivectomy excision of the gums
gingivoglossitis inflammation of the gums and tongue
glossal pertaining to the tongue
glossalgia tongue pain
glossoplegia tongue paralysis
glossoptosis prolapse of the tongue
glossoscopy examination of the tongue with a scope
hepatectomy excision of the liver
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hepatocele herniation of the liver
hepatodynia (hepatalgia) liver pain
hepatolith liver stone
hepatopathy any disease of the liver
hepatorrhagia hemorrhage of the liver
hepatorrhaphy suture of the liver
hepatoscope instrument for examining the liver
hypoglossal (sublingual) pertaining to below the tongue
ileocecal between the ileum and the cecum
ingestion swallowing, eating
linguogingival pertaining to the gums and tongue
lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose
lipase enzyme that breaks down fat
mastication chewing
nausea feeling like one is going to vomit
obesity quality of being overweight
occult hidden
pancreatectomy excision of the pancreas
pancreatic pertaining to the pancreas
pancreatolith stone in the pancreas
pancreatolysis destruction of pancreatic tissue
pancreatopathy any disease of the pancreas
paraesophageal around the esophagus
proctoclysis irrigation of the rectum and anus
proctologist physician specialist in diseases of the anus and rectum
proctopexy fixation of a prolapsed anus and rectum
proctoplegia paralysis of the rectum and anus
proctorrhaphy suture of the anus and rectum
proctoscope instrument for examining the anus and rectum
rectocele herniation of the rectum
rectoclysis irrigation of the rectum
rectocystotomy incision into the urinary bladder through the rectum
rectoplasty surgical repair of the rectum
rectoscope instrument sued to examine the rectum
rectourethral pertaining to the rectum and urethra
sigmoidoscope instrument for examining the sigmoid and large colon
splenectomy excision of the spleen
splenomegaly enlarged spleen
splenopathy any disease of the spleen
splenopexy fixation of a prolapsed spleen
splenoptosis prolapsed spleen
splenorrhagia hemorrhage of the spleen
stomatalgia mouth pain
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
stomatomycosis fungal condition of the mouth
stomatopathy any disease of the mouth
stomatoplasty surgical repair of the mouth
stomatorrhagia hemorrhage of the mouth
stomatoscope instrument used to examine the mouth
ulcer craterlike sore
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