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Chapter 1 Questions

Questions from the chapter 1 test

MC: 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? Fractional scale
MC: A system for transferring locations from a globe to a flat map is... Projection
MC: Distortion i espectially severe on... Small-scale maps
MC: The acquisition of data about Earth's surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or from another long-distance method is... Remote sensing
MC: A computer system that stores, organizes, retrieves, analyzes, and displays geographic data is... GIS
MC: Santa Fe, New Mexico is in the Mountain Time Zone, whereas Tampa, Florida, is in the Eastern Time Zone. If it is 1 A.M., Monday, in Tampa, what time is it in Santa Fe? 11 P.M. Sunday
MC: Greenwich Mean Time is measured from... 0 degrees longitude
MC: The U.S. Land Ordinance of 1785 divided much of the country into a system of... Townships, sections, quarter sections, and ranges
MC: Holland converted the Zuider Zee into a fresh water lake by using Dikes
MC: The division of the United States into nine regions by the Census Bureau is an example of a... Formal region
MC: In Maryland, high rates of cancer are found in the... Eastern rural areas
MC: The spatial distribution created by the U.S. Land Ordinance of 1785 is an example of Pattern
MC: If a group of people migrated from Papua, New Guinea to North America and adopted Western cultural habits, this would be an example of Acculturation
MC: Elements of globalization of culture include all but Maintaining local traditions
MC: Culture means to Take care of something & Care about something
MC: According to environmental determinism The physical environment causes social development.
MC: A polder is A piece of land created by draining water from an area.
MC: Globalization of the economy has Heightened economic differences among places.
MC: The barrier islands of Florida are Attractive locations for homes and recreation & Large sandbars that shield the mainland from flooding and storm damage.
MC: Rechannelling the Kissimmee River in Florida produced an increase of which of the following adverse environmental impacts? A)Runoffs from cattle grazing B)Pollution of drinking water C)Disruption of wildlife habitats
TF: Parallels converge at the North and South Poles. False
TF: A high degree of dispersion within an area indicates high density False
TF: A new piece of land created by draining the area is called a polder True
TF: Geographers reject environmental determinism for possibilism True
TF: Globalization of the economy has led to more specialization at the local level True
TF: The spread of new fashion first in large cities, and later to smaller towns is an example of expansion diffusion False
SA: List the four ways to indicate location
SA: Oxford, Ohio, is located five miles east of the Indiana state line and thirty-five miles northwest of Cincinnati. This is an example of which of the four ways of indicating locations?
SA: The frequency of a phenomenon over a given studay area is defined as
SA: The frequency of occurrence of a phenomenon in a given unit of area is defined as
SA: Assume that the scale o a map is 1:24,000. This means that one INCH on the _________ represents ______ FEET on the ______.
SA: Written scale and Representative fraction are two ways to express map scale. What is the third way to indicate scale?
SA: If someone said that people living in the sesert are lazy because of the intense heat, this would be an example of what geographic approach?
SA: If someone said that human occupation is limited in the desert because of intense heat, but that humans have adapted to living in the desert through the use of air conditioning, this would be an example of what geographic approach?
SA: What are the three kinds of regions that geographers identify? The signal ara of radio station WOXY is an example of which of these three kinds of regions?
SA: Geographers draw two types of lines (or arc) on maps to indicate location. The lines (or arcs) drawn between the North and South Poles are known as _____. The circles drawn parallel to the equator are known as _____.
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